The impact of the fight between Mukesh Khanna and Gajendra Chauhan, which started with Sony TV’s famous show The Kapil Sharma Show, is now visible on the other actors of Mahabharata. Talking to Aaj Tak, actor Goofy Pental, who plays Shakuni Mama, shared his heart with us. He also recalled those days when all the characters worked day and night to make Mahabharata a superhit.

‘Naadani mein aar baoh mein mein nahi’

Talking about the battle between Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna, Goofy Pantal said, ‘These two people who are fighting among themselves are so naive that they do not understand that they have only played the characters of Mahabharata. He is neither Dharmaraja Yudhishthira nor is he Bhishma Pitamah in reality. What makes me most sad is that due to the ignorance of both of these sacred texts, which we worked so hard to make, our purity and reverence should not be affected. Because for the last 32-33 years we have remained a symbol of people’s faith and belief. It should not be destroyed by any of our ignorance.

Goofy Pental further said, ‘Whatever Mukesh Khanna said about Kapil Sharma’s show was his personal opinion and if anyone had the right to answer it, he was entitled to Kapil Sharma’s team and Sony TV. None of us has any right to reply to Mukesh Khanna. I want Mukesh and Gajendra to forget their mutual estrangement and become friends and live with love.

Feroze was chosen for the role of Arjun

Talking about the Mahabharata serial, Goofy Pental says, ‘I was the casting director of the serial Mahabharata. I still remember when Feroze Khan auditioned for the role of Arjun and he was rejected for the first time. But I had full faith in Feroze Khan and I felt that if there is anyone in the whole world who can play the role of Arjun, then it is only Feroz Khan. The second time I auditioned for Feroze in front of Madame Juhi Chawla because by that time Juhi Chawla was the only one to play Draupadi. Then along with Juhi Chawla, all the other people also felt that Feroz Khan was fit in the role of Arjun. I am glad that my selection turned out to be correct.

Recalling the old days, Goofy Pental says, ‘For the first time the post of casting director was kept in the industry at the time of Mahabharata, before that there was no post of casting director in the industry. Producers, directors and writers used to select the characters together. I had auditioned about 3500 people to select the characters of Mahabharata and we had been auditioning for 9 months, after that we finalized all the characters of Mahabharata. We have made this show with so much hard work and determination. Its reputation should not be tarnished like this.


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