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Mahi asks saumya about the answer she became speaking about. Latter says she desires mahi to divorce harman. In return she will be able to get whatever she wishes. Cash, belongings the entirety she will take but she will forestall torturing harman’s family after that. Mahi stands greatly surprised. Saumya says anyone inside the circle of relatives took this choice even harman wishes that. Harman arrives and says he usually desired divorce from mahi however saumya stopped him pronouncing mahi will recognize their scenario but now she is involving society human beings of their own family issues. So he received’t tolerate this. Harman calls the attorney. Heer comes back to the elegance and sits next to guru.

Latter tells her that she is right, they ought to cognizance on studies instead of wasting their time. Virat texts heer and warns her again but heer keeps her phone in silent mode. She attends the lecture and parmeet starts offevolved calling her. Heer doesn’t listen the ringtone and parmeet again and again calls her. She says in view that heer is not receiving her calls she can call virat and act falling sick. Parmeet phones virat and acts like she is ready to faint and noone is home to help her. Virat gets worried and rushes to home. Mahi tells harman that she gained’t divorce him. Harman says he has proofs against her how she afflicted his circle of relatives and did wrong to her daughter as well. He desires to get rid off her no matter what. In return mahi can demand something she wants but she received’t be part of harman’s life. Mahi gets irritated. Harman signs and symptoms the divorce papers and tells legal professional to publish it in court.

Virat reaches domestic and calls heer however she doesn’t select his name. Virat reveals parmeet in unconscious state. He receives concerned for her and calls the medical doctor. Parmeet smirks. He lifts her up and is going upstairs. Harman and saumya go away mahi after telling their selection. Mahi stops harman and says he can’t play together with her life. He’s her toddler’s father and he can’t go away his spouse because of one kinnar. Mahi threatens each person that now she will be able to do real drama to punish harman’s family. Heer is about to head home after the lecture is completed. But guru insists her to have espresso with him. Heer says she has to head home urgently. Guru alerts his buddy and she or he goes to forestall heer. Parmeet tells her doctor pal to lie once more to sant and virat. Parmeet says you may placed the blame on heer as she left her mom in regulation in this condition. Doctor comes and tells sant that parmeet could have died if virat didn’t name the medical doctor on time.

She in addition says she told the entirety to heer however the latter left parmeet on my own. She calls heer careless. Virat receives greatly surprised to understand heer knew the whole lot and parmeet fell subconscious in morning as nicely. In university cafe heer notices parmeet’s ignored calls and she or he leaves for home straight away. Guru gets irritated. Parmeet’s health practitioner buddy scolds heer after she reaches domestic. Medical doctor says to heer how can the latter left parmeet by myself, and she or he didn’t even get her assessments performed. She tells sant to take parmeet to health center as heer doesn’t care. Sant tells heer that she disillusioned them after they allowed her to study. They took care of her dreams. Virat says he didn’t expect this from heer. Why didnt she inform him approximately parmeet’s fitness in college. Heer attempts to provide an explanation for but virat says you’ve got allow me down. Parmeet overhears everything and receives satisfied.

Episode ends.


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