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The Episode begins with Soumya asking Preeto not to cry and says the child went with her family and we need her joy. She says her Dada and Dadi will deal with her. She says we needed to bring her up like Heer, however she has her own family and we can’t separate her from her family. She says we have let them know that we will deal with her schooling and expenses and requests that she guarantee herself that they will deal with her.

She says I will bring food. Preeto says I am not ravenous. Soumya says assuming we need to deal with her, we need to have great wellbeing. She says she will bring nourishment for them. Chintu calls Angel and says you made it, Angel tackles her job, what an acting and get up, no one could distinguish you, you have changed your voice as well. He says I was halting my chuckle, and says now no one can prevent me from breaking this house, my fantasy will break, all gratitude to you Angel, and says bye. He turns and takes a gander at Soumya standing and hearing him. He requests that Soumya tune in. Soumya holds his collar and takes him out. She slaps him. Everybody comes there.

Soumya says you have thought my quietness as shortcoming. She slaps him again and asks how could you? You have disdain us so much and utilized that child to deliver retribution on us. She says I won’t leave you. Preeto asks how did he respond? Soumya says that elderly folks individuals were not the child’s amazing guardians and says he warmly greeted Angel and isolated the child from us. She says I won’t leave you and tells that he has incited Raavi, Veeran and Simran to get their offer. She says don’t have the foggiest idea how that Angel will manage the child. She inquires as to whether he came in his discussions. Veeran says a major disloyalty. We didn’t realize that they were Angel’s kin. He says we were unconscious that he is with Angel and wanted to give the child to her. Raavi says in the event that we had known, we wouldn’t have upheld him. She says Chintu let us know that he will send the young lady to a got spot and vowed to give her great life, and asks how did you respond?

Chintu says I lied and managed Angel. He says bargain was that, she needs the child and he needs to dispose of her. He asks them for what valid reason are they disturbed, as they need the child to disappear from the house. He says I remembered Papa’s demise and won’t pass on any opportunity to deliver retribution from Soumya and Preeto. He says I did this with Angel, what you will do. He says they will long for the child, presently Angel should get going out of city with the child. Preeto says you have taken a chance with the child to deliver your retribution, I will rebuff you.

She heads inside and acquires firearm her hand. She points weapon at him. Chintu asks what’s going on with you? Raavi gets stunned. Preeto says I have bear you enough, presently not any longer. Harak Singh attempts to stop her. Preeto says your messy blood won’t ever transform, you reserve no privilege to live and takes shots at him, however Soumya moves the firearm in air and the slug hits the rooftop. Preeto inquires as to for what reason did you save him? He has isolated us from our girl. Harak Singh says we need to look through Angel, else don’t have the foggiest idea where she will go.

He asks Harak Singh and Virat to show up with him to the Police station. They leave. Soumya advises Preeto that she will go to Angel’s home. Preeto says even I will come. They go to kinnars’ home and see them crying. Soumya asks where is Angel? The kinnar says even we need to realize where is Angel? Preeto requests that they quit acting and says Angel has absconded with my little girl, says assuming you don’t educate me regarding her, all of you will endure. The kinnar tells that they are demolished and tells that Angel has absconded with for their entire lives’ acquiring and asks how we will spend our lives now.

Raavi slaps Chintu and says you have such a lot of scorn in yourself, that you didn’t pass on a little young lady and gave her to Angel. She says in the event that anything happens to the child, I won’t leave you. Chintu says even you have become twit and says for what reason are you reproving your child because of that young lady. He asks who right? Veeran says she isn’t anything to us, yet there is something many refer to as mankind. He says you have made us like you, and made us heathen like you. He says we figured the child will go to another house and have a decent life, however you offered her to Angel. He says he needs to slap him hard. Chintu says what is the issue of your age.

The kinnar tells Soumya that she was correct, Angel was eager with regards to cash. Soumya says you would have perceived how she is playing with individuals’ lives. She requests that they quit crying and says this is an ideal opportunity to battle for your privileges, you individuals ought to have looked through her, however grieving here. She inquires as to why they got subject to Angel and thought her as God. She says it is kinnar local area’s obligation to favor individuals and take nek and this Angel made it as a business and made you all as her slaves. She says you didn’t speak more loudly against her, and presently crying. The kinnar tells that they have done a serious mix-up by confiding in Angel.

Soumya says I didn’t come here to chide all of you, requests that they wipe their tears and search Angel. She says she has taken your well deserved cash, you will not release her, will look through her and the child and get her rebuffed. She requests that they search her, the manner in which they needs and says we will look through her with our way and won’t leave that Angel. They leave. Preeto says Angel isn’t faithful to anybody. Harman calls Soumya and inquires as to whether they came to think about Angel. Soumya says no, and says she has gotten away with all the kinnars’ cash. He requests that they go to the PS. Soumya says alright.

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