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The Episode begins with Soumya advising Preeto that they need to give the child to her Dada and Dadi. Preeto says I realized that you will grab the child from me and says that is the reason I was not opening the entryway. Soumya says truth is unpleasant, we are not her family, her Dada and Dadi are her family. She says you got connected to her so much and gets some information about her Dada and Dadi. She says you see Heer in her, yet we can’t be egotistical and can’t destroy her life. She says we will give her childhood like Heer and I will converse with her Dada and Dadi to give us right to deal with her, and we will get her informed, yet the distinction will be that she will remain with them. She says the individual raising is more greater than the individual giving her introduction to the world. She says you will bring her up, while she remains there. Preeto says is it simple for you.

Soumya says it isn’t simple when you see her as Heer, and says we will go, as her Dada and Dadi are pausing. Preeto comes out holding the child. Heavenly messenger acts to cry. Preeto goes to the inhouse sanctuary. Soumya additionally goes there. Harman, Virat and others join. Preeto tells Mata Rani that she sees Heer’s appearance in the child and asks her not to make her life troublesome like Heer and invigorate her battle with the world and don’t make her end like Heer. Soumya gives gold bangles in Preeto’s grasp. Preeto takes off abhorrent sight from child with them. Naseeba tune plays… ..child begins crying.

Harak Singh takes off insidious sight from child with the cash group. Harman and Soumya get dismal as well. Harak Singh petitions God to ensure the child. Holy messenger comes to Preeto, calling the child. Soumya requests that she keep the cash and bangles as the little assistance from their side towards the child. Heavenly messenger keeps the cash and bangles. She takes child from Preeto’s hand. Preeto’s heart torques while heading out in different directions from the child. Shakti melody plays… .Angel says my great little girl as she takes the child. Raavi, Simran, Veeran and Chintu get assuaged. Soumya requests that Inspector give their location, so they can meet the child and help them monetarily. Heavenly messenger and the elderly person leave from that point.

Harak Singh and Preeto cry. Chintu requests that legal counselor give the papers. Legal advisor gives him papers (reception papers). Chintu is going to tear it. Virat asks what’s happening with you? Chintu tears it and tosses on them. He then, at that point, says thanks to Lawyer. Attorney leaves. Chintu says child is gone, so why she will have share in property. He says Veeran Nanu need to say you something. He requests that he say. Veeran says I would prefer not to say, yet I need to say today.

I’m with you since numerous years and never grumbled. He says now I can’t bear any longer, Preeto says anything to me infront of anybody, I am not a youngster and feels terrible. I have gone through my time on earth with you, you are my family. He says Preeto will name the property on anybody’s name, what will occur with me. He says I would prefer not to battle and furthermore don’t have any desire to go to court, yet can’t bear anything. He requests him to name some from the property on his name and says I will hush up. He goes from that point. Harak Singh says you are my sibling and blood, how might you leave from here. Veeran goes to his room. Harak Singh asks him who has incited him against them. Chintu then, at that point, signs Raavi. Raavi keeps quiet. Preeto checks out her.

Chintu says my mom is extremely honest and thoughtful and has confidence in providing for other people, so she won’t request herself. He says that is the reason I am asking her offer in the property from her side. He says I will make computation simple, there will be 4 offers, one offer will of Veeran Nanu, one of Simran’s family, one of our own, and one of all of you. He says we will leave with our offer and afterward you individuals can remain calmly here. Holy messenger is in the vehicle with the child and calls Chintu, says work is finished. Chintu says all gratitude to you, Angel. He closes the call and goes to check out Soumya remaining behind him.

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