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The Episode begins with Soumya going to the room quietly and taking the child from that point, and stows away in the actual room. Preeto turns and couldn’t see the child. She gets stressed and searches for the child. She sees Soumya with the child in the mirror and pulls her ears. She says you can’t move away from my sight and requests that she make the child wear garments. Soumya makes her wear garments and envelops her by the covering. Preeto takes the child to the Pram and attempts to make her rest. Virat comes there. Preeto signs him to be quiet. Virat says Police has come outside, come.

Preeto says gives up. They come to corridor. Preeto inquires as to whether the customs are done, tells that legal counselor may be accompanying the papers. The legal counselor comes there and says sorry for arriving behind schedule. Investigator says Preeto ji, we need to drop the child’s reception. Soumya inquires as to why? Reviewer says child’s family is found and that man. Soumya says would you like to say that the person who needed to cover her, will be her dad and need to get her, so he can kill her. Examiner requests that she tune in. He says that person is found and the family is likewise followed. He says that person couldn’t tolerate seeing kinnar brought into the world in his home. The child’s mom passed on after her introduction to the world, and presently her fantastic guardians are looking through her frantically.

The person is in Police guardianship. Harman asks where right? Reviewer calls them inside. Holy messenger enters as an old woman with an elderly person. Chintu grins and reviews his words. Holy messenger says my child has done a serious mix-up, if it’s not too much trouble, pardon him. She says return my terrific little girl, says my child is futile and boozer, and the child’s mom passed on soon after giving her introduction to the world. She says I realize that my fabulous little girl is a kinnar, however we don’t mind as it is God’s giving. She requests that they return their fabulous little girl. She cries keeping head on the elderly person’s shoulder. Chintu grins.

Heavenly messenger asks who is the help of our advanced age. Soumya asks how would you realize that the child is with us. Heavenly messenger says that evening, my child came racing to me and advised that he attempted to cover my amazing girl and afterward certain individuals saved her. I pursued my child and looked for her, then, at that point, I took Police’s assistance and they kept my child in prison. She says child is in prison and girl in law is dead. She says who will turn into our help now, our terrific girl and requests that they give their fabulous girl. Soumya strolls towards her.

Holy messenger strolls to Inspector and says when my stupendous little girl was conceived, I realized she was kinnar and says they are God’s favors, it didn’t impact me. She falls on his feet and says we will kick the bucket. Soumya inquires as to whether they brought the confirmations. Assessor requests the evidence. Heavenly messenger shows the child’s pic and her introduction to the world authentication. Controller gives the birth authentication to Soumya. Soumya really looks at it. Auditor shows the photograph. Heavenly messenger says this is the photograph when she was conceived. Preeto gets stressed. Soumya returns the birth declaration to Inspector. .

Holy messenger requests that Inspector return their great girl. Controller requests that Soumya bring the child, so they can handover the child to them. He says I have posed all the inquiries as of now. Preeto says how might we give, she is my little girl and will remain with me. She reveals to Lawyer that she will sign and afterward no one can grab the child from me. The attorney says you can’t embrace the child without her family’s assent. Preeto says I will do, she is my Heer. Soumya and Virat looks on.

Preeto says she has taken resurrection and gotten back to me, I will not release her anyplace. Harak Singh requests that Preeto comprehend. Preeto says assuming anybody needs to remove my Heer from me, then, at that point, no one is terrible than me. She goes to her room and shuts the entryway. She takes the child in her grasp and embraces the child. She says you are my girl, you are my Heer. I won’t allow anybody to take you with them. Soumya thumps on the entryway and requests that she open the entryway. Preeto says she is my Heer and will remain with me.

Soumya requests that she pay attention to her and says there is no an ideal opportunity to get difficult. She says I came to converse with you alone, there is no one with me. Preeto opens the entryway. Soumya gets inside and shuts the entryway. She says we need to offer her to her dada and dadi. Preeto says I realized that you needed to grab her from me, and that is the reason I was not opening the entryway. Soumya says I realize you are harmed, truth is harsh, her family is her Dada and Dadi. Naseeba melody plays… .They brought the child home in the wake of saving her. Preeto looks on enthusiastic with mournful eyes.

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