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The Episode begins with Preeto asking child, why she didn’t advise her in case she was eager. She takes care of her milk and reveals to Soumya that she didn’t disclose to us when she was eager. Harak Singh says she went to my lap without crying. Soumya says we have come to converse with you about something significant. Preeto says she is drinking milk first, then, at that point, rub and will rest. She says she would not like to hear now. Soumya says pay attention to us first. Preeto says clearly you will be disclosing to some awful thing and says we have chosen and this child will remain here. Veeran requests that she regard their desires and says we don’t need this child to remain here. He requests that she pay attention to Soumya. Preeto says why everybody’s psyche is loaded up with dried grass. Chintu says you individuals couldn’t care less with regards to one another, and care for this young lady. Chintu says my mom was harmed yesterday, however no one annoyed. Preeto says she didn’t kick the bucket, she is fine and eating here. She says you have come here to harmed us. Raavi says Chintu is right on the money this time and inquires as to why she needs to chance their life for this young lady. Harak Singh says we as a whole can deal with the child, what is the issue. Harman says pay attention to Soumya once, she accompanied the arrangement. Soumya says Harman ji and I have chosen to disappear from here, for few days and will come to meet everybody on Sundays. She says this will be useful for family and this child. She says assuming Papa ji and you need, accompany us, however she isn’t protected here in the present circumstance. Preeto says I was certain that she came to say something awful/unpropitious. She says what will we tell this child that the family broke when she had come here. She says everybody will remain under a similar rooftop with this child, says Harak ji and I have chosen to embrace the young lady and she will remain here as the little girl of the house. Virat concurs with Preeto and tells Harman. He says I comprehend the aggravation of not having the family, we will deal with the issues together. Preeto says I couldn’t care less in the event that others don’t acknowledge her, Harak ji and I have choose to embrace her and make her equivalent accomplice in the abundance as well. Chintu thinks he needs to rival a kinnar. Preeto says on the off chance that anybody has complaint, will advise me, I will make plans for their visit elsewhere, however I will not allow this family to break. She discloses to Soumya that she has given enough forfeits and says we will bring her up, similar to we raised Heer. Soumya requested that Preeto give her entitlement to do Heer’s back rub. Naseeba melody plays… ..Preeto says we will give her the way which you and Heer won’t ever get. Soumya reviews her sufferings because of her kinnar character.

Shakti melody plays… ..Veeran reveals to Raavi that don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen Preeto and Harak Singh, they are obstinate to keep her at home. He says we have confronted a great deal of upset due to soumya and Heer’s personality of kinnars, yet what is the need to keep this young lady here. Raavi says you said right, we have lost Heer and was defeating from her misfortune, when this young lady came. She says Maa has chosen not to release this young lady, says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do. Chintu comes there and brings espresso for them. He says I made espresso for us, Veeran Nanu. Veeran inquires as to whether he is fine or acting something. He says there are numerous siyappas in the house, stop your dramatization. Chintu says I make trouble, yet I am straight forward and certifiable. He says I am not doing dramatization, however they are who are remaining the house and showing rights. He says Preeto Nani has brought the kinnar and thinking to give her offer in property. He asks veeran on the off chance that he has no status in the house. Raavi says the thing isn’t about cash/property, it is about the child who came as inconvenience. Chintu says assuming you need then that child can disappear from here. Raavi says we need to send her from here securely and don’t have any desire to hurt her, we are not killers. Chintu says I am not killer, Soumya is the killer and is remaining in the house even subsequent to submitting murder. He says I will kick that young lady out, I will send that young lady to, where she will be there. He says I need your assistance. Raavi ask what help? Chintu says when that young lady go from this house, you both will get some information about your offer in the property. Veeran asks what are you saying? Chintu says this family is broken and Soumya and Harman are liable for this. He requests that they take their offer and make their own homes, where they can remain as Raja and Rani. He says as opposed to working her as Servants, we will be ruler of our home. Veeran says Chintu is correct and inquires as to whether her words are adequate or mine. He says we are Servants, we will take our offer and head off to some place and stay with deference. He requests that Chintu guarantee that nothing will happen to that young lady and he will sent her securely. Chintu guarantees him. He inquires as to whether she is as yet suspecting. Raavi requests that he accomplish the work first, and says she will see different things later.

Preeto kneads the child and tells that she will wear new garments. She says Lawyer is accompanying the papers, then, at that point, you will end up being my little girl and it’s not possible for anyone to get me far from you. She diverts to get garments from the cabinet, when somebody comes and take the child from that point. Preeto gets stressed.

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