Shakti 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with virat and guru turning into friends after a fight. They’ve a hug. Guru says lets go to canteen and have fun. Heer asks virat, if he’ll befriend her. Virat remembers heer refusing to turn out to be his buddy without difficulty. A facebook is shown. Virat asks heer, why ? He asks if she desires to befriend him as he stored guru’s life. Heer asks him to assume like this and says you are top and saves even enemies. She says pals? Virat says yes. Guru says our friendship is robust now. He says virat and heer are our gang contributors and every person will see our friendship. He is taking selfie with virat, heer and others. Heer and virat come domestic from college. Heer tells virat that harman singh said not to attend gulabo’s feature. Virat says there have to be a few purpose. They locate the floor messed up. Gurwinder comes there. Virat asks her why the things are tousled at the ground. Gurwinder asks why are you asking, whilst papa ji known as, you didn’t hassle.

Heer asks how did this show up? Gurwinder tells that mummy ji got indignant as if a person is damaged within her and harm herself at the same time as messing up the things. She says papa ji went for an emergency, and we must visit health facility now. Within the medical institution, virat asks medical doctor about parmeet. Physician says not anything may be said. Gurwinder stops virat from assembly her and shows the fake reports, and tells that she has heart sickness. Virat reads and is taken aback. Heer recollects hearing their communique. Gurwinder makes virat sense responsible. Heer asks why are you making him responsible and says i heard you both speakme. She says i knowledgeable virat. Gurwinder says so that you changed into the one who poisoned his mind. Virat says enough, i need to fulfill maa. Gurwinder asks him to see mummy ji from window pane of the icu. She says mummy ji’s hand turned into bleeding a great deal and she or he has heart trouble too. Virat regrets and feels guilty of his doings. He asks heer if something will occur to maa. Heer says she might be first-rate. Gurwinder tells virat that she doesn’t understand why health practitioner lied to him. Heer says allow mummy gain recognition after which talk to her. She asks him not to experience responsible and asks him to come back along with her and take a seat, tells that she will convey water for him.

Dr. Singh sees heer and asks if she is virat’s wife. Heer says you are right here. Gurwinder sees them. Health practitioner says i work here. Gurwinder asks virat, if heer knows this medical doctor from earlier than. Virat says no. Gurwinder poisons his mind and tells that it seems like heer knows her from earlier than. She comes out and asks dr. Singh what she turned into speaking to heer. Dr. Singh says informal conversation. Gurwinder says i want to realize for my mummy ji. Dr. Singh lies to gurwinder that heer requested her to do her saas’s test up and inform that she has no illness. Virat hears her and says you are mendacity. Dr. Singh says don’t trap me, i am already trapped. She says i informed heer that i’ve carried out what she asked me to mention. Virat says adequate, come with me and talk infront of her. Gurwinder says we shall no longer do tamasha in hospital and signs doctor. She says i can deliver heer.

Dr. Singh gets tensed. Parmeet sits at the mattress as she is acting to be subconscious. Heer comes out and asks virat why he called her. Virat says dr. Singh stated that you requested her to deceive me. Heer asks what do you watched? Virat says i am not doubting you, just informing me. Parmeet looks out from the window. Dr. Singh tells again that heer called her and asked her to inform that parmeet is best. Heer calls harman. Harman hears dr. Singh lies. Virat asks when did heer name you? Dr. Singh says 10 mins when you known as me. Virat asks her to show the call list. Medical doctor panics and shows the cellphone. Virat couldn’t find heer’s range. He says i know that my heer will in no way deceive me and she or he issues for me and my circle of relatives, greater than herself. He says your lie is stuck, so now inform the fact. He asks who asked you to lie? Parmeet thinks this physician might expose me. Harman and soumya hear on call. Dr. Singh says i got angel’s call and she asked me to try this.

She says she threatened me and i got scared. Heer thinks mummy ji used angel’s call to defend herself. Gurwinder tells that dr. Singh can be treated by way of her father, as he has the energy to cancel dr’s licence. Dr. Singh sits in automobile and leaves. Harman ends the decision and says why don’t they allow heer and virat stay peacefully. Soumya stops him and says virat trusts and helps heer. They will study the value of their relationship, give them some time, they are able to handle. Harman says yes, i’m able to recognize, they’re at the same way in which we were before. Virat asks gurwinder why angel wants to separate us, she wants to kill us. He says some thing is wrong for certain. Gurwinder says yes, you said right, what angel gets through setting apart you both. We will talk to her again. Virat says shall we pass and communicate to her. Gurwinder stops him and says my father will manage her. Heer says you gave proper recommendation to us. Virat says shall we pass and ask dr. Singh. Heer thinks mummy ji will stop us one way or the other. Gurwinder calls heer and virat and says mummy ji got cognizance. Heer realizes their act. They turn to look at gurwinder.


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