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The episode begins with Soumya asking Angel to apologize to the people he hurt and whose soul he hurt. Angel says when I was born, my parents abandoned me, as I am a kinnar, they never came to ask me how I am? He says they should have come and asked me too for the good of humanity. He says that’s why he poisoned everyone, and Soumya too, since you were lucky to have everything that I didn’t, you have a loving family. He says when you saved my life, my eyes opened.

He says I hurt them all and gave them pain for life. He apologizes to Soumya and sits down on the ground. Soumya asks him to get up and asks him not to cry. Angel goes to Virat and apologizes to him. He says now I realize it’s good Heer didn’t die with my hands or he would have jumped down the valley. He asks for forgiveness and cries. She asks the inspector to arrest her and get her her severe punishment, so that she becomes an example for the kinnar, who make mistakes with other kinnars. She surrenders to the police.

Chintu gets angry when he sees Angel turn himself in to the police. Pick up the gun from the ground and aim at Soumya. Harman tries to stop him. Chintu says no one will move. She tells Angel you’re an emotional fool, but I’m not like her. She says that today no one can save Soumya from me, today is the last day of your life. She says how I can forget that you took my father’s life, you have no right to live. Preeto says you are thinking wrong. Chintu says I know what I’m doing and doesn’t teach me anything. He says this Soumya will die today. He is about to shoot Soumya, but the inspector shoots at Chintu’s hand, knocking his gun off. Chintu suffers a small injury to his hand.

Soumya and Preeto run towards Chintu. Preeto asks if you are okay. Soumya wipes the blood with his pallu. Preeto asks the inspector what he did, didn’t he know he was my nephew? Why did you shoot him? Inspector says if he hadn’t shot him, he would have shot Soumya. The bullet had just hit him, there was no need to worry. Soumya asks him to call the doctor and asks Chintu not to worry. Chintu is moved by her gesture and calls her Soumya Mami. She asks why you are so good, now I understand that there may be some reason behind shooting my father. He says a person like you can’t do anything wrong. She says I bothered you a lot and that you care about me too. I had forgotten that you are my family and I was blinded. He apologizes to Soumya,

Preeto and others. Soumya says I am sure that one day you will realize that we are all family and that we do not want to separate you from us. He asks him to go home and tells him that it will be something very important to us, to forget everything. She says we are ready to welcome you as if you were with me in the beginning. Harak Singh asks the inspector not to make any case on his nephew. Inspector says it’s fine. Soumya asks Chintu to go home. Chintù smiles.
At home, Preeto calls everyone and says that today is our daughter’s christening ceremony. Harak Singh calls Veeran and asks her to see the decorations. Simran, Virat, Soumya, Harman, Raavi and Chintu come there. Everyone looks at the baby.

The photographer walks in and clicks on your photos. Soumya and Harman take pictures with Chintu, Virat and Simran. Pandit ji arrives. Harak Singh says there is a baby baptism ceremony today. Pandit ji congratulates them. The name ceremony begins and asks if they have thought about the baby’s name. Preeto says that this little girl has brought a new light, a new beginning in our lives, it is the beginning of a new morning in our lives and that is why we will call her Shagun. Pandit ji calls it Shagun. Preeto calls little Shagun. Raavi says my mother gave him her beautiful name, Shagun. Pandit ji is leaving. Soumya takes the baby in her hands and tells the new family member, Shagun.

She tells Preeto that she has thought of something, whatever Heer and I have, Shagun shouldn’t and that is why we will raise her and reveal her identity to her, so there is no fear and no secret, she. will support. she will walk with respect for herself and she will advance in society with her identity as hers. Preeto says you are saying well, being a kinnar is not a crime, but it is a blessing and there is no problem living with this truth. Harman says the whole family is with her. The lawyer arrives. Harak Singh says he has come a lawyer. The lawyer greets him and says that there was a column left on the form, of gender one. He says fill it up, then the baby will be yours. Preeto and others say she is Shagun.

The lawyer tells you to fill out the form, then it will be legally yours. Soumya with the consent of Preeto and Harman ticks another box. Then he gives the pen to Preeto. Preeto spells Shagun Singh as the baby’s name. Everyone applauds. Lawyer says Shagun is yours from now on, congratulations. He is leaving. Soumya tells Shagun that she has entered their lives as the new morning, a new hope for the family and a new shagun for them. She says that in the world only men and women receive importance, but our family will give importance to a kinnar and a kinnar will keep the family together. She says you are Shagun of the family. Harman says that you have brought happiness to the family like Soumya and Heer, you are a blessing to us, for which we are grateful to Mata Rani. Soumya says that he was born from the blessings of Mata Rani, in a third-gender body. He says those stories of Soumya,

Heer and a few other names will keep coming. He says the end of this story will have no end. He keeps Shagun close to Mata Rani to seek his blessings of him. Everyone folds their hands in front of Mata Rani. Shagun looks at Soumya. Soumya smiles. Naseeba’s song plays. Soumya says that Mata Rani blessed you by seeing the flower in it. Shakti’s song is playing … Everyone is smiling. Soumya shows everyone the baby.

The show ended on a happy note, with Soumya and Preeto adopting the baby and calling her Shagun Singh, with the acceptance and happiness of all family members.


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