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The Episode begins with Angel telling her kinnar that the child cries a great deal and her ears are tormenting hearing her crying. The kinnar says we have purchased cash, adornments and so forth, for what reason did you bring her here. Holy messenger says what will occur with this cash, I need harmony and I will get it when I see Soumya and Preeto longing for her. She says this child will cause me to get returns and she will end up being my future retirement plan. I will do with her how I was unable to manage Soumya and Heer, I will take her to Bangkok, she will be more wonderful than Soumya and Heer. She says the vehicle will come in at some point and it will make us cross the really take a look at post. The kinnar says how we will cross the PS. Heavenly messenger says in case I am frantic and says Soumya’s relative will take us out from that point. Chintu comes there in the vehicle. Heavenly messenger asks the kinnar to take the child and accompany her. They come out. Chintu gets down from the vehicle. Heavenly messenger gives him gear. He keeps it in the decky. He gives Harak Singh and Preeto’s garments to them, and requests that they wear it.

He says I have seen your acting at home. Heavenly messenger says on the off chance that I was not a kinnar, I would have gone honor for make up. She asks kinnar to offer child to him and requests that he watch out. Chintu takes the child and requests that they return soon. Heavenly messenger says only 2 mins. They leave wearing Harak Singh and Preeto’s garments. Chintu drives the vehicle and asks them not to show dread all over, and tells that the child ought not cry. The Inspector stops the vehicle. Chintu says you are Harak Singh’s amazing child. Chintu says indeed, he is Chintu. They are looking through the child and Nana and Nani are exceptionally stressed for the child. Assessor checks out the secondary lounge, yet couldn’t see their appearances. He says even we are attempting to discover the child. Chintu says we will tell on the off chance that we discover her. Investigator asks Constable and opens the blockade and let them go. Chintu drives off.

Heavenly messenger likes his acting. Harman and Soumya come in the vehicle and arrive at the really take a look at post. Virat, Preeto and Harak Singh likewise reach there. Harak Singh gets down and inquires as to whether Angel went from here. Controller says you was in Chintu’s vehicle, he told me, however I was unable to see the appearances. Harak Singh says Chintu has tricked you. He requests that he eliminate the blockade. They all go behind Chintu’s vehicle. Holy messenger takes child from Kinnar. Chintu stops the vehicle seeing Harman and Soumya’s vehicle infront of his vehicle.

Holy messenger comes out running grasping child and weapon. Other kinnars run various way. Heavenly messenger comes to Harak Singh and points firearm at every one of them. Preeto requests that she stop not too far off. Harak Singh says you are doing a serious mix-up. Preeto requests that she shoot. Heavenly messenger says no one will come infront of me. Investigator requests that Angel give the child. Holy messenger takes steps to shoot them. Harman goes to Chintu and slaps him, asks what does he need from them? Soumya quietly proceeds to come behind Angel. Heavenly messenger takes steps to shoot the child. Preeto says you need to utilize this child and need to make her your help to live.

She says you won’t shoot her, and requests that she shoot. Holy messenger compromises once more. Soumya comes nearer to Angel and makes her firearm tumble down. She holds Angel while Preeto grabs child from her hand. Soumya slaps her difficult to stop her. Holy messenger twirls and tumbles down from the bluff. Soumya rushes to hold her hand and figures out how to hold her hand. Holy messenger says I would prefer not to pass on, kindly save me. Soumya asks her not to leave her hand. Preeto requests that Soumya leave her hand and let her kick the bucket. Holy messenger requests that Soumya save her. Soumya says don’t lose your solidarity, I am pulling you up. Harman and Virat assist Angel with moving up. Holy messenger comes up. Holy messenger inquires as to for what reason did you save my life? I’m your adversary.

She recruited Jeet to kill her and disturbing them a great deal. Soumya says I have no animosity with you, yet with your idea, the work which you do, I have hostility with that. you don’t ponder others and utilizations them for your childishness. She says you got voracious and played with many lives, you have not left this little child as well. She says until when you will do this and until when you will bear the weight of your wrongdoing. You will leave with individuals’ reviles, kinnars’ work is to favor individuals, yet you changed the importance of kinnars. Holy messenger says I have destroyed your life, however at that point likewise you saved my life. She says I am actually quite awful and apologizes to her. Chintu thinks Angel has turned my game completely. Soumya holds Angel’s hand as she cries.

Precap: No precap.


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