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The episode starts offevolved with virat coming to the eating table and asks sant baksh about parmeet’s test file. Heer thinks don’t destroy the matter virat. Chameli and other kinnars come to sant baksh’s residence. A few neighbor ladies taunt them for travelling harak singh’s residence and troubling mahi. Chameli replies her and receives internal harak singh’s residence. Soumya asks chameli if she delivered the list which she asked her. Harman asks what’s the list? Soumya says it’s miles the list of kinnars of the neighborhood and says nobody will beg on alerts or marketplace, now they will work and earn money.

Harman says much like you had were given them hired in manufacturing unit. He says i’m very proud of you, gulabo. Kareena asks if they can’t visit bless anyone now. Soumya says we’re blessed and can visit bless humans. Chameli appreciates soumya for her efforts toward their community earlier than becoming gurumaa and tells that she has to go and make arrangements for her abhishek. Preeto stops them and says i need to tell some thing, says she desires soumya’s gurumaa abhishek on this residence. Chameli says you’ve got won our hearts, however to your society…simply now four ladies taunted us and asks what’s going to they inform if we sing and dance right here. Harak singh says it’s miles our house and our desire, we are able to do anything we need. Preeto says so it’s miles determined, abhishek will manifest right here. Sant baksh tells virat that health practitioner known as and told that record could be delivered by way of evening. Parmeet asks virat no longer to worry. Virat asks how i will’t worry?

Parmeet praises heer and asks her to return and take a seat for breakfast. Door bell earrings. Virat opens the door and greets dr. Singh. He says she is the health practitioner of my friend’s family, and i notion to get maa checked by way of her. Sant baksh says dr. Khanna is treating parmeet, this doctor isn’t always wanted. Virat says i don’t think that dr. Khanna is treating maa properly, see her situation. He says he idea to take second opinion. Dr. Singh asks parmeet to come to room. Gurwinder and parmeet pass internal with the medical doctor. Sant baksh receives a call and is going. Heer asks virat, what turned into he doing? Virat says i need to quit their drama, maa is fooling her very own son, in conjunction with bhabhi. He says i known as this medical doctor, so they don’t come to recognise that you have informed me about the fact. He says allow the doctor pop out.

In the room, doctor checks parmeet’s bp and asks what’s the trouble? Parmeet tells that she had fainted and fell down, have weak point, and had fever too few days returned. Dr. Singh says there is no critical problem, you are flawlessly first-class. Gurwinder tells that mummy ji is not nicely and asks her to speak to dr. Khanna. Dr. Singh says she is a physician and is aware of that she is satisfactory. Parmeet symptoms gurwinder. Gurwinder asks dr. Singh to tell all of us that she isn’t always pleasant. Dr. Singh says i am no longer like dr. Khanna, who receives bought with cash, tells that she has to reply herself. She goes out and tells virat that parmeet is flawlessly great and not anything happened to her. She goes. Virat shouts maa, bhabhi. Parmeet and gurwinder get tensed. Parmeet says what to do? Gurwinder says we must face him. They exit. Parmeet asks what passed off virat? Virat throws a showpiece and it hits the vase. Parmeet is taken aback. Heer asks what are you doing? Virat says enough maa, you’ve got lied and acted much.

He says why don’t you inform in reality that you may now not take delivery of heer as bahu on this delivery? What was the want of all this. Parmeet says virat…virat says till while you may slump in heer and my sight. He says heer tells that mummy ji is changed and frequent her. He asks parmeet to remember the fact that he’ll no longer go away heer in this delivery, despite the fact that she does many dramas. He breaks the furnishings. Parmeet asks what is he doing? Virat says you’re pained as i broke the fixtures and asks what approximately hurting my heart? He asks sant baksh to see that parmeet has no paintings than to grab her son’s love. Heer asks him to handle himself. Virat says it’s miles sufficient. He walks out of the residence in anger. Heer is going following him asking him to prevent. Sant baksh tells parmeet that he had requested her no longer to do this, but she didn’t pay attention to him. Parmeet asks how did virat come to understand about me, being ill. She says a person stuffed his mind?

Gurwinder says best dr. Khanna knew approximately our plan. Parmeet says we heard a sound and tells that she is positive that heer heard them and filled virat’s thoughts. She shouts heer. Heer involves virat. Virat asks her no longer to tell something. Heer says she became afraid about his response. She says you probably did what i never want you to do. She says it is my mistake, i shouldn’t have told you. Virat asks her not in charge self, as she instructed him while he gave her swear to say. He says he’s irritated at maa, as she tried to interrupt their relation. She says which maa does this along with her son? Parmeet receives infuriated and pushes gurwinder, who tries to handle her anger. Parmeet throws the pillows stunning sant baksh.

Virat tells heer that thank god, you are with me. He rests his head on her lap and lies down on the bench. He says maa has continually harm us, i tried to make her recognize but…she didn’t concentrate. He says she will by no means agree. Heer asks him to get up and asks him now not to trouble himself. She says we have solved many troubles collectively and could solve this hassle too, i’m with you continually. Virat appears on.


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