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Heer congrats soumya for guru maa’s position. Virat says it’s time to have a good time. Heer and soumya start dancing. They then go to virat and harman and dance with them. Next complete circle of relatives joins them. Soumya takes heer to a side and thanks her.

She says heer has grown up a lot that along with her troubles, she’s taking care of soumya’s problems too. Soumya similarly says now she feels that she has someone else, apart from harman, whom she can ask for assist without hesitation. Kareena visits angel to the jail and informs her that soumya is changing her for guru maa. Kareena similarly says that she acts and pretended that she’s on soumya’s side.

Angel asks whilst is the rite. Kareena says on guru purnima day. Angel says so long as she’s alive, soumya can never be guru maa. She shares some plan.

Virat and heer reach virat’s home. Virat is going to park his car. Heer is going inner. Gurwinder asks parmeet that heer received’t discover some thing, proper? Parmeet tells her that doctor is excellent friend of hers. Gurwinder asks what about those drug treatments. Heer comes outside parmeet’s room. Parmeet says the ones are glucose capsules. It have to appearance natural as she’s doing an act of being ill.

Heer hears and is greatly surprised. Parmeet maintains that their plan with angel to split heer from virat was accurate, but soumya spoiled the whole thing. Now they may want to do something. Heer walks returned in a surprise and something falls. Gurwinder goes to test, however heer hides. Heer recalls parmeet’s proper aspect and cries questioning it become only a drama.

She thinks whether to tell virat or not. Virat comes and asks why she is crying. She says some thing went in her eyes. He thinks some thing have to have passed off. He maintains asking and says till she doesn’t tell, he received’t let her move everywhere.

He asks whether or not she’s disillusioned about college be counted approximately guru. She says everything is high-quality.

He asks her to swear on him. She receives mad saying what kasam all of the time. He says if she doesn’t inform him, then he will understand that she doesn’t care approximately his existence. He leaves. She thinks what to do now. She will’t harm him. Virat is out of doors and wondering what it is able to be that heer doesn’t want to share with him. She comes and attempts to make him satisfied. She holds his arms, and goes closer to him.

He still maintains asking her what’s the problem. She says she will tell the whole lot and asks him to be calm. She says parmeet is not ill, she’s just appearing.

Some thing occurred in college today became achieved by means of parmeet and gurwinder with angel’s help. He tells her that she ought to be misunderstood. Parmeet has regular them. She says she needs it become fake, however it’s no longer. He receives mad and turned into going to parmeet, but she stops him pronouncing he desires to be calm. They need to apply their love and convey parmeet on a right route.

She’s their very own. There’s no factor fighting along with her. She will be able to simply hate heer extra questioning she made virat against her. Heer requests virat no longer to tell whatever or do whatever. They will discover a few answer. In morning, virat comes for breakfast.

Gurwinder starts offevolved drama. She tells parmeet why she came. She would have delivered her breakfast to her room.

Virat sits and asks sant baksh what passed off about parmeet’s check file. Heer hopes he doesn’t screen some thing.

Precap will be added later.


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