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Mahi tells preeto and different circle of relatives members that angel called her and said she’s going to inform heer’s reality to all people in college. Guru grabs heer’s hand.

She asks him to leave her hand. He tells her to be his buddy. She says if he doesn’t go away it, then he will regret it. Virat comes near that study room. Guru’s gang member stops virat announcing magnificence is over. Heer hears virat’s voice and says that she’s in lecture room. Guru has locked her inside the classroom. Virat warns guru to open the door. Guru says he won’t open until heer accepts his friendship offer.

Mahi tells preeto to name harman back. Preeto thinks it’s her excuse. Mahi says that she doesn’t care approximately this domestic, however she cares approximately heer and he or she will go to keep her. Preeto doesn’t permit her go and gets her locked in a room. Soumya is very involved. She asks harman to video name domestic. She senses something is wrong seeing preeto’s face. Preeto tells her what mahi stated.

Soumya insists on talking with mahi. Guru tells heer that she’s making him a villain. He tells virat that he’s going to the touch heer. Virat gets livid. Heer tells him not to concentrate to guru,

he’s just trying to provoke him. Virat doesn’t pay attention to heer and kicks the door difficult. The door opens. Virat beats up guru. Guru sees a professor and the primary close by and laughs, in order that virat beats him up greater.

Guru hurts himself on head and blood comes out. Professor and principal come there asking what’s going on. Guru says virat is a psychopath. In morning, he disturbed the class, then in canteen he didn’t pay, and now he’s beating him up. Guru’s gang member brings the canteen guy and he confesses that guru is proper. Virat says guru is lying, in reality he had locked heer in the school room and became bullying her.

Guru now says unwell approximately heer that she’s a ‘chalu’ kind. Virat loses his mood and begins beating guru once more. Parmeet is tensed.

She asks gurwinder how long will it take. Sant baksh asks parmeet whether or not she has long past mad. If heer’s truth is out, then his function, own family appreciate, all might be long gone. Parmeet asks what else she should do. She will’t permit virat’s destiny be spoiled for a kinnar. No one is aware of in university that virat and heer are married. Kareena tells kinnars to get equipped to visit heer’s university.

They need to screen heer’s identification nowadays itself. After speaking with mahi, soumya is satisfied that mahi isn’t mendacity.

She tells harman that they want to depart without delay. Angel laughs thinking soumya’s end is near. Most important asks virat and guru to come back to his office. They pay attention drums and tune. Kinnars have reached to the college. They cross outside to check what’s occurring.

Kareena thinks it’s ultimately time to get her revenge with soumya. Virat wonders why kinnars came to the college. Soumya asks harman to power faster.

Episode ends.

Precap might be brought later while to be had.


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