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Guru tells his buddy what kinnars are doing in their university. Virat receives a name from soumya and he or she publications him something. Soumya tells harman to pressure faster, she will be able to’t let angel succeed. Soumya and harman say they will need to remedy this angel’s trouble, but for now they need to reach to heer’s college. Virat tells heer that angel despatched kareena and other kinnars to reveal her reality, however he won’t allow that appear. She asks what he’ll do.

He says he’ll do anything, but he gained’t permit her reality come out. She says subsequently, anybody will discover, so allow it’s. He says it doesn’t remember to him, however it topics to the society. In the event that they discover, then they gained’t let her enter the college. She says that she will be able to inform all and sundry, so angel can stop blackmailing them. Her personal humans have universal her and that’s what matters to her. Kinnars enter the university. Guards try to forestall them saying kinnars aren’t allowed there. Heer walks closer to them.

Virat follows her and pulls her back. He is taking her away. He brings her to terrace and tells her that she gained’t inform her fact to every body, at the least no longer these days. If she tells the reality, then he will bounce down the terrace. She tells him to prevent. He tells her to vow her that she will be able to stay on the terrace till situation is beneath manipulate. She guarantees. He goes downstairs again. Important tells kinnars how dare them to enter the college. Kareena says they got here to thank him. He’s a god. He did this kind of large favor to their community. Fundamental asks what want? Inform surely else he’s going to call police. Kareena says high-quality, she will come straight to the point.

Just then any other group enters, lead by means of soumya. Soumya has gotten prepared as a kinnar. In flashback, soumya tells harman that she’s taking kinnar’s avatar these days simply so heer can reap her dream of studying. Soumya stands face to face with kareena and claps at her. Heer watches the whole lot from terrace. Harman also comes there.

Soumya tells kareena that she hasn’t changed at all. Kareena says her intention is to take revenge from her and now together with her, there may be heer too. Fundamental asks what’s taking place? Is this an area for kinnars to come? Soumya apologizes to him pronouncing they came there because of a misunderstanding.

Kareena says there may be no misunderstanding. Soumya stares at her and warns her to go away from there quietly. Kareena’s institution receives scared and moves returned. Kareena tells soumya to do whatever she needs. Harman thinks it’s right time to call police. Kareena attempts to inform the reality to essential. Soumya’s organization participants begin gambling drums, so essential can’t pay attention some thing.

Virat praises soumya. Police come and arrest all kinnars such as soumya. Virat and guru are in most important’s office. Important gives him a final caution.

Next time he’s going to get rusticated. He additionally tells virat to pay for all of the damages. Virat says he’ll and asks if he can depart now. Fundamental says good enough. Guru wonders why he left in a hurry. He attempts to observe him, however predominant stops him.

Virat comes to heer. Heer asks why police came all of sudden and whether or not soumya is excellent. In crowd, she couldn’t see nicely and soumya just disappeared. Virat tells her that soumya came as a kinnar to store her and police arrested her. Heer gets concerned.

Episode ends.

Precap could be delivered after episode ends on tv.


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