Shakti 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the AIADMK, former MLAs AKS Anpalagan, Jayasudha, Nalini Manokaran and O.S. Many, including Rajan, had asked. In that line, the former Minister of Southern Ma Sevana Agri Krishnamurthy had also filed a petition seeking seats. Opposition arose in the Polur constituency that the seat should not be given to Agri, whose constituency is changing.

In this situation, the AIADMK leadership has fielded Agri Krishnamurthy as the candidate in the list of candidates that has been released. This has shocked the Polur constituency parties.

“The case against Krishnamurthy is pending in the Supreme Court as the reason for the suicide of an agriculture officer when he was the Minister of Agriculture. In this case, the seat was not issued in 2016 when Jayalalithaa was alive. He also kept aside from leaving the party. As such, J. He was given successive posts in the party after his demise and was given an MP seat in 2019. Now the MLA has given the seat. What is the justification for this? ”

In this case, the former MLA, who was expecting the Polur constituency, has decided to contest independently, his supporters say. The currently released list is full of Sasikala supporters. “We were told we would not include him in the party. He also reported that I was abstaining from politics. But there are a lot of Sasikala supporters on the list. Everyone in the party knows that Agri is a supporter of Sasikala. As such, they have declared Polur as a candidate who is not related to the constituency. The highest number of Vanni votes in Polur constituency. However, they give this block to someone from the Mudaliar community and ignore the Vannis living in this block. We could not accept this. That is why we have decided to field him as an independent candidate. ”

Last time in the DMK, Ezhumalai, a member of the Vanniyar community, stood independently and got 42,000 votes as he was not given an MLA seat. The news that the former AIADMK MLA will file an independent petition this time has caused a stir.


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