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A constable gives a phone to angel. Angel thinks daljeet did his work. She then calls any other kinnar, kareena. She says you want to break soumya, right? I have a way for it. Soumya as well as her so-known as daughter heer received’t be able to reveal their faces to everybody. Kareena recollects how she had determined to convey soumya to kinnar’s international. She asks angel what’s the plan. Angel tells her to send kinnars to heer’s college and make noise there pronouncing one of the kinnars is amongst them and if everyone asks for name, then say heer. Kareena is inspired with the plan. Virat is ready out of doors the magnificence. Guru and his gang pop out. Virat asks guru what he wants. Guru asks he will do this? Virat says handiest if he likes, otherwise he’s going to beat him up again. Guru says that he likes heer and asks virat to not come in among them. Virat receives irritated and is ready to punch guru. Heer enters and prevents virat. She then asks guru why he lied to professor.

Why is he at the back of virat? He’s also a pupil like them. Guru says, you’re worrying an excessive amount of for him. He then says he doesn’t care approximately morals, he only cares about his liking and disliking. He likes heer and he doesn’t like virat. He then tells virat to depart university on his own, otherwise foremost will throw him out of university. Virat says this dream of his isn’t coming real. He tells guru to not push his limits, else he will regret it. After virat leaves, heer requests guru to prevent all this, however he is determined to teach a lesson to virat. Soumya is walking in a lawn. She slips. Harman comes and catches her in his fingers. Her foot is injured. He makes her sit down and asks in which was she misplaced? She says she’s no longer feeling correct approximately heer. He tells her not to worry as virat is with her. Heer begins getting hiccups. She beverages water, however it doesn’t assist. She recalls soumya advised her as soon as if you take name of man or woman who’s lacking you, hiccups forestall. She wonders who may be lacking her. She sees virat, however nonetheless hiccups don’t stop. She takes preeto’s call, then harman’s, but hiccups still don’t prevent. It ultimately stops while she takes soumya’s call.

A few college students bump into virat. While virat walks to them angrily, another student places his foot out, making virat fall on the floor. Virat receives angrier and attempts to punch the students, but heer nods no at him and he’s taking his hand back. Virat then involves a canteen. The store guy refuses him for coffee pronouncing guru said not to provide something to him. Virat makes espresso himself. Heer sees all this. Mahi gets a name from angel.

Angel threatens her that she will need to pay for betraying her. Mahi asks what she’s going to do. Angel says these days every body will discover that heer is a kinnar in her university. Mahi says she won’t do that. Angel tells her to forestall it from going on if she can. Heer involves guru and tells him that he can’t do all this with virat, it’s incorrect. Guru asks why she’s so stricken? She rejected his friendship saying she got here to the university to have a look at and other facet, she’s secretly talking with virat, disturbing for him. What’s occurring between them? Does she recognize him for the reason that before? If it’s so, then she may be his (guru’s) friend too, care for him too, then he’ll prevent troubling virat. He forwards his hand for friendship, but she turns to stroll. He says he had sufficient rejections from her. His gang individuals lock the door. Heer asks why they locked the door. Guru says she can most effective exit when she accepts his friendship offer.

Episode ends.

Precap may be introduced later while available.


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