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Shah Rukh Khan To The Question Whether He Is Afraid Of The Release Of New Films, People Will Call Me A Braggart If I Say What’s Really Inside: After a short break, Shahrukh Khan is all set to hit the theaters with back-to-back films. The films Pathan, Jawaan, and Dunki are slated for release.

Shah Rukh Khan is waiting for these three films with great anticipation. He said in an interview the other day that these words express hope and confidence.


Shahrukh Khan said that he thinks that these three films will be superhits and this should not be taken as a boast. He said that he is going to work even at the age of 57 because of such a belief.

He was speaking in an interview with Faye D’Souza at the Sharjah Book Fair. Faye D’Souza was asked if fans are very happy to return to theaters after a long gap and if they feel nervous about the release.


‘When I say what’s really on my mind, people label me as a braggart. But since you are interviewing and I promised I will answer honestly.

I don’t need to worry about the release of new films. Because I am sure all will be superhits.

Let me clarify that this is not bragging or boasting. I go to sleep with the belief that these films will be superhits. I rise with the same faith.

It is this belief that enables him to jump, run, perform stunts and work for 18 hours continuously even at the age of 57. I can’t do this unless I’m sure I’m making a great picture that a lot of people will like.


So I hope all the upcoming movies will be successful. It is a childlike certainty. That is, ‘I have done my best. So don’t you think I will win as a good superman’, like that.

When I was young, I thought I did very well in a maths test. But when the result came, I got only 3 marks out of 100. But I believed it was well written.

The same may happen in movies. There have been movies where I just went blank. But there have been films like Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge that have paid off for their hard work.

I cannot control these successes and failures. But I have no fear about upcoming films. But in great excitement. To be honest, ‘Shah Rukh Khan on Screen Again’ makes me very happy,” said Shah Rukh Khan.


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