Shaadi Mubarak

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rubina Dilac, the winner of the reality show Bigg Boss 14, is definitely made, but many contestants have been in tremendous headlines throughout this season. Nikki Tamboli was one such Contestant. He sometimes created tremendous discussions through battles and sometimes through disputes. He accused Jan Kumar of forcibly kissing her during the show. Nikki used to say that she kept refusing life but she still kissed. There was a lot of ruckus over Nikki’s statement. At the same time, Nikki has talked about this entire matter during an interview after coming out of Bigg Boss.

Nicki and Jaan’s pair were well liked in Bigg Boss 14, but as time went on, both of them stood face to face with serious accusations against each other. Nikki Tamboli said in a recent interview to Spotboy- ‘We were friends inside the house and hugging and kissing in friendship is a normal thing. We had a fight when he nominated me to a task. He then apologized to me, saying that I had made a mistake. But I was very angry so I was not accepting her apology ‘.

Nikki further said that ‘He was celebrating me and in anger I told him not to do what you kiss me. There was no coercion at all. While showing it incorrectly, Jan said that he said so on national TV. But which one were you doing on national TV, right there, but Balungi doesn’t kiss what.

Please tell that before this Nikki’s mother also reacted to this whole matter. He said that Nikki did not do anything wrong, rather what Jani did, Nikki only responded to that. He told that ‘Nikki had come home after aviction, she told me that Jaan is a very nice person. According to Nikki’s mother, she did this not to hurt his life, but to save him from worse situation.


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