Shaadi Mubarak

Shaadi Mubarak 26th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ethanol will be produced from both sugarcane and maize in Bihar. This will greatly improve the economic condition of the farmers. On Thursday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar held a review meeting on ethanol production, rehabilitation of closed sugar mills, establishment of new sugar mills etc. and gave many instructions to the officials at one Anne Marg.

The Chief Minister said that there will be a lot of investors in the ethanol production sector in Bihar. Employment opportunities will increase. Closed sugar mills will also be started. New sugar mills will also be established. Sugarcane production will also increase and farmers will get more value from it. He said that maize production has also increased in the state. Ethanol will also be produced from maize. Maize producing farmers will also benefit greatly. He further said that since the year 2006, a lot of efforts have been made to promote industries in the state. Bihar Industrial Promotion Policy was formulated in the year 2016. This policy has been designed very well for any investor.

In 2006 itself, a proposal was sent to the Center for the production of ethanol from sugarcane, which was rejected by the UPA government. Now the central government has approved the proposal to produce ethanol. The meeting was attended by Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad, Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi, Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain, Sugarcane Industry-cum-Law Minister Pramod Kumar, Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary Home Aamir Shamani, Additional Chief Secretary Industries Brajesh Mehrotra, Principal Secretary Finance S. Siddharth, Chief Minister K. Principal Secretary Chanchal Kumar, Principal Secretary Sugarcane Industry N. Vijayalakshmi etc. were present.


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