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Shaadi Mubarak 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Election Commission has announced that the polling for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will be held on April 6 in a single phase. Following that, political parties are preparing to face elections. Most parties have ended their alliances and block allocations. Also, the list of candidates has been published in some parts. Accordingly, the AIADMK announced the first list of 6 candidates. It then announced the second phase candidate list of 171 candidates yesterday. The AIADMK also announced the details of the constituencies in which the coalition parties will contest yesterday. Since the announcement, the AIADMK has been waging a campaign to change the candidate in their constituencies.

Former minister and AIADMK suburban district secretary Paranjothi has been declared the candidate for the Trichy Manachanallur assembly constituency. Following that, he left Chennai last night and reached Trichy this morning. He was given a grand welcome by the AIADMK near the Samayapuram toll plaza. Following this, he started his campaign by worshiping at the Samayapura Mariamman Temple. In the first phase, he is conducting his first phase of campaigning in areas including Samayapuram tollgate Manachanallur Tirupanjali.

Temujin, who was in the AIADMK alliance, withdrew from the alliance due to his refusal to give the desired number of constituencies and constituencies. Political commentator Pongalur Manikandan has commented on this.

He said, “In this election, which is a serious challenge to the AIADMK, the AIADMK alliance has been forced to fight hard for victory as Temujin has now resigned. That is why the situation of the coalition parties, the BJP and the BJP, is deteriorating.

Temujin abruptly walked out and put the AIADMK in jeopardy as he ignored the assessment that the vote bank had collapsed for Temujin. Bamako’s influence in the northern districts plummeted after the launch of the Temujin Party.


If we look at the strength of Bamaga, we can take it from Tiruvallur to Kanchipuram, from Vellore to Thiruvannamalai, as well as from Villupuram to Cuddalore. But Demuthika’s strength lies in Cuddalore. Despite Bamaka’s influence in the same Cuddalore, there is no denying that Demuthika has more influence there than Bamaka himself.

In the last elections, Vijayakand won the Vriddhachalam and Rishivandiyam constituencies, which were influential for Bamaga. Temujin remains strong in 45 constituencies where the BJP is said to have vote banks. Accordingly Gummidipoondi, Thiruthani, Ambattur, Chengalpattu, Madurantakam, Uttiramerur, Kanchipuram, Cholingar, Ranipettai, Ambur, Jolarpettai, Tirupattur, Balakod, Dharmapuri, Pappireddipatti, Sengam, Thiruvannamalai, Kalasapakkam, Aranippuram, Seyyaru , Kengavalli, Yercaud, Omalur, Mettur, Salem West, Ariyalur, Virudhachalam, Panruti, Kurinjipadi, Mayiladuthurai, including 45 constituencies in 2005, Temutika is still with the same strength.

So, political critics say that if the minority votes retaliate against the BJP, Temujin will be hunted down in the constituencies where the BJP stands. ”


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