Shaadi Mubarak

Shaadi Mubarak 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tamilnadu across the open water of the satellite photographs , district collectors should be uploaded on the Internet that the Madras High Court.

Despite the nirnilaikalattumiri akkiramaippu across , once seen as a paramarikkappatamalum . The Chennai High Court on Tuesday ordered the respective district collectors to upload their satellite photos on the internet . The order also stated that the primary data of the district should be submitted to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu and the Registrar of the High Court within two weeks .

Irotu district katirampatti perupalla feed in the village , irotu naming the Smart City project is damaging to the stream , natural resources and perupalla stream Welfare Association chief prosecutor Kay . Shanmugasundaram had filed a welfare case .

The court of the Chief Justice and Justice Banerjee cancip Senthil Ramamurthy session , each taluk satellite images of the bodies of water and public lands on March 15 th gathering , it March 17 by uploading their web page rulers ordered all district . The primary data atotu district PDF (PDF) format collected , it is headed by the State Secretary , Chennai uyarnitimnara Registrar on March 24, by the need to pass , which would be needed in the future, according to Must.

The petition to the High Court stayed four weeks , the petition to file a detailed reply to the State uttaravittatullatu .


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