Sero survey: 21.5% people were corona infected, most people were not aware of the infection

New Delhi: There is a continuous decline in the cases of corona virus infected in the country. At the same time, according to the recent third sero survey, 21 out of 100 people in India have got corona infection. Sero surveys were conducted three times to detect the spread of corona virus infection. These sero surveys were conducted in 700 villages, wards in 70 districts of 21 states. Samples of 28,589 people were taken during this period, in which it is revealed that 21.5 percent of these people have been corona infected. At the same time, most people were not aware of the infection. Blood samples showed that he had antibodies against corona in his body.

The third sero survey was conducted by ICMR between December 17 and January 8. These surveys have also been conducted at the same 700 places, where the first and second seros were conducted. These surveys have been conducted in urban slums, non-urban slums and rural areas. In which it was revealed that 19.1 percent rural population, 31.7 percent urban slum, 26.2 percent non-urban slum people have become corona infected.

Got antibodies

According to the age group, 25.3% in the age group of 10-17, 19.9% ​​in the age group of 18-44 years, 23.4% in the age group of 45-60 years and 23.4% in the age group above 60 years have been infected. According to the survey, antibodies have been found in 20.3% of men and 22.7 percent of women, that is, infection has occurred.

At the same time, this sero survey on health workers has revealed that 25.7 percent health workers have been infected with corona. Blood samples of 100 health workers from each district were examined. It is clear from the sample of 7171 health workers that 25.7 percent of these corona have been infected, that is, every fourth health worker of the country has become corona infected.


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