Serena Williams wants to sell her Alliance Mansion, this is the specialty of this 55 crore house

Serena Williams, the world’s number one tennis player, wants to sell her luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, California. According to the New York Post, Serena’s Callie Mansion cost more than $ 7.5 million, or Rs 55 crore. This Mansion is spread over 6 thousand square feet.

This Mansion of Serena Williams has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Not only this, it also has amenities like a superstar’s house. Apart from this, there is a yoga room for his yoga practice and a bar and onophiles for the drinkers. There is also a large courtyard, a gym and a pool. A tennis court has also been built for his practice.

Serena’s Mansion is decorated with luxurious and expensive items. The mains feature custom cabinetry, oak hardwood flooring, custom plaster fireplaces and Bianco Bella polished marble countertops. This view is grand and luxurious. There have been reports of Serena selling this Mansion for the last several days.

Sister did the design
In fact, the March 2021 issue of Architectural Digest magazine featured Serena William’s Miami-based Mansion in Florida. This sister from Florida was designed by her sister Venus Williams. Venus is the mistress of William Designing Company ‘V Star’. His company is located on West Palm Beach, Florida.

Serena Williams became a cover photo in the March edition of Serena Architectural Digest, not considering herself a designer . Serena responded to this. He said, “I am a very good tennis player. I am not good as an interiors designer.”


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