A case of allegedly robbing Rs 55,30,806 by a gang of four women from an Indian has been encountered in Dubai. According to the news published in the media, these women lured the victim (43 years) to a fake massage parlor on the dating app. The first hearing of the case took place in a Dubai court, Gulf News reported.

According to the court document, the victim (identity not revealed) was offered a massage in 200 dirhams (around Rs 3,950) by showing her pictures of beautiful girls, which the victim contacted on the phone number on the app and in November 2020, Dubai Apartment Gaya located in Al Rafa area.

Quoting the victim in the news, he wrote, “When I went to the appointment there were four African women there … They asked me to open the bank app on mobile and transferred the money. They threatened and slapped me with a knife on my neck. ‘

The victim said that a woman snatched her credit card and took out 30 thousand dirhams (Rs 5,92,586) from the ATM while she was held hostage in the apartment for one day and the women took 2,50,000 dirhams (49, from the bank account 38,219). The victim told, “They let me go away from the apartment only after taking my iPhone.” I gave this information to the bank and lodged a complaint with the police.

Police said that three Nigerian women have been arrested from Sharjah while the fourth woman is still absconding. Police said, ‘A woman has admitted that she lures massages by showing pictures of beautiful women through the Tinder app. She keeps the victim locked in the apartment and withdraws money from her account and transfers it to accounts outside the country.

A case has been registered against the three women for robbing, threatening, making the victim hostage illegally and prostitution.


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