Famous actress of small screen Anita Hasanandani has recently given birth to a loving son. Last Tuesday, her husband Rohit Reddy gave this good news to the fans through social media. Rohit and Anita are not blooming after becoming parents, they are constantly sharing their posts on social media and showing their excitement about the baby. Recently, Rohit has shared a video of Anita from a hospital. In which both are seen loving their child. The child is not shown in the video, but Anita is making a statement about her. In which she is also talking about Baby’s nose.

Rohit Reddy has shared a video on his Instagram account. In media reports, this video is being told soon after the birth of Baby. In this video, Rohit is standing at the head of Anita, while Anita is seen caressing her child lying on the bed. While sharing this video, Rohit wrote – ‘Copy paste’ … It seems that he is talking about meeting his child Nan-Naqsh himself. Watch the video shared by Rohit here

In this video, Anita and Rohit are very happy to see their child. In the video, the voice of a doctor or nurse is heard from behind, who are congratulating the couple. Meanwhile, Anita is seen looking at her child’s nose and saying – ‘Its nose is like yours’ … Rohit is seen laughing even more happily.


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