New cases of corona virus in India are once again reaching its peak. In India, more than 59 thousand new cases of corona virus have come on Thursday, which is the highest after October 17 or 159 days. The second wave of corona continued to spread in the country. For the first time since May last year, corona cases have been increasing at such a rapid rate, indicating that the second wave of the virus may take a more severe form than the first, even after vaccination has started.

Maharashtra and Gujarat, the two states of the country, have also crossed the peak of the first wave. At the same time, Punjab has come close to crossing the previous wave’s peak figures.

A week average rose by 66 percent

Looking at the data till 25 March, on an average, 47 thousand 442 new cases were coming to India every day in a week. For the first time since October 28, the average of seven days reached so much. However, if we look at the rate of outbreak of corona, the figures are even more shocking. Just seven days ago, the seven-day average of corona cases in the country was 28 thousand 551. This means that new infections have risen by 66 percent in just one week. This is the biggest jump in the rate of rising cases of corona virus every week after May 10.

In May last year, only 3500 cases used to come in one day.

If you compare the situation from May last year to now, in May, 3 thousand 500 new cases of corona were coming out every day, but today this figure has increased to 47 thousand. This means that the transition to the second wave of the corona is spreading many times faster.

The second wave of Corona will be at its peak in April

Statistics suggest that the second wave of Corona will be at its peak in the month of April. The State Bank of India (SBI) released a report on Thursday, according to which the second wave in the country will peak at the end of April and the wave will last 100 days, which has started from February 15.

SBI also studied the data of the first wave and found that Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Delhi and Tamil Nadu have shown the worst performance during this period. At the same time, in the second wave of Corona, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab are setting new records every day.


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