The whole world is worried because of mutations in the corona virus. But scientists have also ascertained that on which pattern this mutation occurs. American scientists have identified a mutation in the SARS-Cove-2 virus, the parent of Kovid-19, with the help of which it manages to dodge antibodies present in immunity. This is expected to help in saving the lives of severely infected patients with Kovid-19.

Research led by the University of Pittsburgh has shown that the corona virus erases selected parts of its genetic undertaking that are related to the size of its spike protein. The spike protein is that part of the corona virus, which enables it to infect host cells. It is also the part of the virus against which the body produces antibodies.

Researchers studied about 1.50 lakh gene sequences of spike proteins collected from many parts of the world. They identified a pattern of mutation in the novel corona virus, which enabled it to dodge antibodies associated with immunity.

At least nine cases were found during the study, where the mutated form was produced in Kovid patients. These cases include a patient dying after battling the virus for 74 days. The results of the study have been published in a recent issue of ‘Science Journal’.


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