Scientists have found fossils of the oldest monkey in a lignite mine in China. Researchers believe that it is about 42 million years old species of monkey. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University in the US made this discovery. According to him, specimens collected from a mine in southeastern Yunnan province in China are among the oldest fossils of monkeys outside Africa.

Researcher Nina G. Zalonski said the fossils discovered indicate that they may have been ancestors of some of the earliest primitive apes in East Asia. An interesting point of view from paleontology is that in Asia this species was found at the same place and at the same time with ancient apes. 

This research has been published in the Journal of Human Evolution. The most attractive thing about these apes is that they could eat high quality food and get enough energy by fermenting the food and later using fatty acids. Based on the evidence so far, the researchers believe that these monkeys did not need to be around the water.


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