In CBSE schools, students will get an opportunity to show scientific talent and information on the occasion of Science Day. Actually, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has planned to celebrate National Science Day in schools. Under this, various activities will be organized by the schools on 28 February. By participating in it, school students will introduce science and technology information. In this regard, guidelines have been issued by CBSE to affiliated schools. At the same time, students have been made aware of this and motivated to participate in the programs as ordered.

The day celebrated for the discovery of CV Raman is
significant because National Science Day is celebrated due to the discovery of Raman effect. This discovery was announced by Indian scientist Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman (CV Raman) on 28 February 1928. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 for this discovery. This was the first Nobel Prize awarded to any Indian and Asian person. Therefore, this day is celebrated on 28 February every year by the National Council of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Under this, various competitions and activities are organized in schools.

Objective to introduce the importance of science in life
The aim of celebrating National Science Day Science is to create awareness in the society about the positive effects of regular routine science and instill scientific thinking among the youth. At the same time, the purpose of this day is to tell the students about the contribution of the great scientist, to realize how science has made our life easier and to motivate the youth in the field of science and technology. This year National Science Day will be organized on the theme of Science, Technology and the Future of Innovation: Education, Skills and Work.

Students will take part in virtual competitions,
where every day various activities and exhibitions are held in schools, this time due to Kovid transition, this day will be organized online. Under the scheme, school students will participate in various competitions to be held virtually. As per order, students will be made aware by organizing programs such as speeches, lectures, talk shows, lectures in schools. In addition, competitions such as quiz competition, debate competition, speech, poster making, science model making etc. will also be organized. On the other hand, students will also be made aware to watch science-based films or documentaries on behalf of the school. In this regard, online links will be made available to the students on behalf of the school. After this they will also be discussed in the online class.

Activities to be done as per order
Dr. Sarita Sharma, Principal, St. Columbus School, Dayalbagh
Every year many competitions are organized in the school on Science Day. Instructions have been received by CBSE regarding Science Day this year as well. As per order, students will introduce talent by participating in various online activities. Teachers are motivating students to participate in this by making them aware.

The plan
will be celebrated at a glance on 28 February Science Day
students from 9th to 12th will take part online
05 competitions will be organized,
10 different activities will be organized in schools.


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