All schools in the state from 1st to 5th will open from March 1. In this way, now the schools from the first to the 12th will start operating in the state. Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar said on Saturday that schools from 1st to 5th have also been allowed to open conditionally. Social distancing and use of masks will be mandatory in school and class.

Only 50 percent of the children will come to school in a day. The next day the remaining 50 percent of the children will come to school. The school administration will ensure compliance with all the conditions as per the Corona Prevention Guidelines. Two masks will be provided to government school children.

The Chief Secretary further said that the Disaster Management Group will meet 15 days after the school opens and the status of schools across the state will be reviewed. Reports will be taken from the districts. A decision will then be taken on what to do next. Meanwhile, districts have also been instructed to be vigilant and vigilant and to monitor continuously. He said that the education department has been instructed to take all necessary actions in this regard.


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