The Federation of Private School Welfare Association has asked the Haryana government to open schools from nursery to fifth from March 1, saying that they will open schools even if the government does not allow it in time. In the state level meeting of the association held here today, the state government was asked to give permission to open schools from nursery to fifth.

The Central Government has empowered the State Governments to take such decisions. Federation’s state president Kulbhushan Shamar and state general secretary Ramotar Sharma said in a press conference after the meeting that schools, cinema halls and other public spaces have been opened from 6th to 12th today. In such a situation, the education of the children of primary schools should not be affected, so that the government should allow them to open them as well.

He said that a delegation of the Federation will meet the Chief Minister and demand the opening of schools from nursery to fifth so that children of primary schools can also be educated and the process of promoting children to the next class should be adopted by taking examinations.


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