Schools outside the Containment Zone are being opened today following strict Kovid-19 regulations. Earlier, the Ministry of Education had also issued some necessary guidelines for opening schools in a sequential manner from 15 October. However, the states were given the right to decide whether to open or not to open schools. While Delhi, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra have decided not to open schools, the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh governments have decided to open schools. Let us tell you that in Unlock-4, schools from 9th to 12th were partially opened from 21st September. The Education Minister also said that no assessment test will be taken within at least two to three weeks after the schools reopen and that online learning will continue, which will continue to be encouraged.

view of the increasing cases of Delhi Corona, a decision has been taken to keep Delhi schools closed till 31 October. If students want to study online, the school has to allow it. At present, the students coming to school will have to come with the parents’ permission.

Punjab The
Punjab government said on Monday that it has been decided to reopen schools and coaching institutes in a phased manner from October 15. According to a statement, only students of classes 9-12 are allowed to attend schools with the consent of parents.

Government of Uttar Pradesh has announced to open schools outside the constituency zone from October 19. Schools will be opened for students from 9th to 12th.

Karnataka The
Karnataka government has said that the state government will not be in any hurry to open schools. A decision will be taken only after evaluating all the circumstances.

Chhattisgarh government has said that in view of the corona virus epidemic, schools will remain closed until further orders.

Maharashtra government has said that the status of Kovid-19 should be looked after Diwali and a decision will be taken thereafter. All schools will remain closed till Diwali.


The Gujarat government has said that it would consider opening the school after Diwali.

Andhra Pradesh
Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided not to do normal class till 2 November.

West Bengal

The West Bengal government has said that the decision to open the schools will be taken after mid-November.


Main guidelines related to the reopening of school

– Assessment test will not have to be taken until two-three weeks after the school opens.
– Alternative academic calendar prepared by NCERT can be implemented in schools.
– Care must be taken when preparing and serving mid-day meals in schools.
– Cleaning and disinfecting will have to be made at all places in the school premises including kitchen, canteen, washroom, lab, library, etc.
Teams like Emergency Care Support / Response Team, General Support Team for All, Commodity Support Team, Hygiene Impact Team, etc. can be formed by all schools including responsibility.
According to the instructions issued by the Central Government and the concerned State Government, the schools themselves can make Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This should include social distance and safety rules. Along with putting the school on the notice board, parents should be sent through the school’s communication system.
-While sitting in classes one must follow social distance, avoid schedules and events, make and follow time-to-school time and table.
-All the students and staff will come to school only by applying face cover or mask and will be wearing it throughout the time, especially during classes or in group functions or mess eating or testing in lab.
– Boards or notice boards detailing social distance and other important rules will have to be installed at various places in the school.

– Governments of states and union territories can seek consent from their parents for their children to go to school. Students who wish to continue their studies at home will be allowed.
-All students, parents, teachers and others have to be made aware of their role in fighting Kovid-19 as per instructions issued by Union Ministry of Education, Union Home Ministry and Union Health Family Welfare Ministry.
-Educational calendar has to be created for class and exam for all classes. The school should have a doctor or nurse or attendant full time.



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