The students of State Model Culture Senior Secondary School located at Sector-55 in Art and Culture based talent search competition organized by Art Education Unit of State Educational Research and Training Council (SCERT), Gurugram, performed well. A total of 10 competitions were organized under the program, out of which the students of State Model Culture Senior Secondary School got the first place in eight competitions. While students finished second in the remaining two competitions. At the same time, the overall trophy was also captured.

School Principal Satendra Saurot said that Raj Pandey from the school sung folk songs, Muskaan played folk songs, Palak in classical dance, Sonia Singh in Angavaksa Natya Kala, Rakhi got first place in solo acting theater. Also, Sumit, Priyanka, Khushboo also stood first in various genres. Vireesh Kumar, Deshraj, Sikandar Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Brijesh Kumar, Manish Kumar, Wasim Ahmed, Sumit Kumar, Deepak Vashisht, Manoj Kumar, Sonika Saroha, Sushma Yadav, Rachna Sharma, Vandana, Meera Gautam, Madhulata etc. from school congratulated.


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