After lashing out at Liger star Vijay Deverakonda, film exhibitor Manoj Desai targets Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar

Say Nowhere You Should Say No: Swastika Says The Film Industry Is Very Safe: Actress Swastika said that no one rapes anyone in the film industry. This is a very safe industry and if we say no, no one will come to us and forcefully ask us to do anything. In an interview given to a YouTube channel, Swastika asked why she approached WCS when she had a bad experience.

Come to WCC, suppose we go to any place with a complaint, if we bring that complaint, do we get justice immediately? Don’t know if justice is served or not. That too takes time. Why go to a place like WCC if something happens that you don’t like? Tell them at the police station and tell them at the Women’s Commission

No one in this industry kidnaps and rapes anyone. Film industry is such a safe industry. We can take our parents, we can take our assistants, we can take anyone. It gives such freedom. Some say this from such a safe field. It happens because of not reacting at that time. No one will come to us and ask us to do anything by force if we say no when we should say no. No one can enter the locked room unless we open it ourselves. The room I locked will only be opened in the morning. Why open the door if someone knocks at the wrong time? Why do we give them a space to talk and cheat? Girls need the courage to respond.

If I have a bad experience on any movie set, then I will react from there and say no to this job and come back. That is what we women should be taught first. That is what we need to achieve. We should say nowhere we should say no. After I do this film, if I act with such a big hero, I will get a huge amount of money and make that film by putting up with all the abuse of us.

It doesn’t seem logical to say “me too” four years after that. If you have to do it, come back saying I don’t want your movie. You should leave there with the confidence that an opportunity will come in another place. The actor stated that a woman should have the courage to come out of any workplace and say no to the job and that she does not need any organization.


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