Saudi Watermelon: Ayishumma’s Journey To Justice: “Brito Cheta, this is what a man is,’ is what Abhilash asks Brito when all hope has ended. Brito tells Abhilash when everything ends so intensely.

“Didn’t you ask Kunjumon back then if I was a human being? There is so much, man. Beyond the cases and the courts, the human relationship has been sharply drawn “Tarun Murthy in Saudi Vellaka. “Tarun has brought innovation to the audience with his first directorial venture ‘Operation Jawa’. Saudi Vellka is extensive with a diverse concept and a unique presentation style.

There are more than 43 crore pending cases in the country and one of them has been selected and made into a social satirical film. The 53rd International Film Festival garnered much critical acclaim and audience acclaim.
Saudi is a coastal area in West Kochi inhabited only by ordinary people. They deal with border disputes and other family issues. Meanwhile, one of the children playing cricket on top of the terrace hits Aishumma (Devi Varma) on the head, who is walking along the road. Later, the family of the child is influenced and the case is filed.

Through this accidental case, the police enters into the midst of ordinary people. Later, Ayishumma even abandoned her family and fought a legal battle for thirteen years. The story of the survival of this ordinary woman is presented with perfect reality. As the judge tells the plaintiff standing in the cage ” You should not play good Kerala’. Saudi Arabia is not a good picture. But there is helplessness in this, there is a sense of justice and above all there is humanity. So Ayishumma’s journey will leave you with at least a mild tingling sensation.

It hit theaters during the break of Covid without any superstars “Like ‘Operation Jawa’, this film also stars Lukman and Binu Pappu in lead roles. Both have graced the role as usual. But Devi Verma’s performance as Ayishumma is worth mentioning. It has been handled with perfect discipline without a fresh face. Pauly Whitson’s voice was added to Ayishumma’s character and the character was perfected. Apart from them, the popular stars of Malayalam cinema like Gokulan, Sujith Shankar, I.T. Jose, Vincy Abhilash, Devi Rajendran, Dhanya Ananya, Rhea Zainu, Sminu Sijo, Sajeed Pattalam and Abu Valiyakulam are also playing the lead roles.

Tharunmurthy scripted the film with the help of around twenty lawyers, retired magistrates and court employees. That is why the police station and court scenes have been done with such precision. Produced by Sandeep Sen under the banner of Urvashi Theatres. Anwar Ali’s lyrics are composed by Pali Francis.

Harindran is the co-producer of the film. Composed by Nishad Yusuf, the music is composed by Pali Francis. Cinematography by Sharan Velayudhan, Sound Design: Vishnu Govind, Sri Shankar (Sound Factor), Sound Mixing: Vishnu Govind (Sound Factor), Written by: Anwar Ali, Joe Paul, Executive Producer: Sangeet Senan, Colorist: Liju Prabhakar, Art Direction: Sabu Mohan, Costume Design: Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Makeup: Manu Mohan, Production Controller: Jinu PK, Chief Associate: Binu Pappu, Script Assistant: Dhanush Varghese, Casting Director: Abu Valayamkulam, VFX Ezel Media, Stills: Hari Tirumala, PR .O: Manju Gopinath, Vazhur Jose, Advertising: Yellow Tooth, Marketing: Snake Plant.


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