Saudi Vellakka – Official Trailer | Tharun Moorthy | Sandip Senan | Palee Francis | Urvasi Theatres: Saudi Vellakka CC 225/2009 is the new film directed by Tarun Murthy after Operation Jawa. While the first film Operation Jawa was in the crime thriller genre, Saudi Vellaka is a completely different social drama.

The film is the magic of Tarun in terms of making and story. After seeing the poster and trailer, the audience can feel that Binu Pappu and Lukman Awaran are the main characters of the film. But this white story is not theirs. It belongs to Ayesha Rather, who lives in a place called Saudi in Thoppupadi, Kochi.

Spoiler Alert…


Devi Verma played the role of Ayesha Rauthar in the film. Ayesha Rauthar will live in our hearts after the Saudi White House is over. Tarun has depicted the life of Ayesha Rauthar so intensely. Tarun’s Saudi Vellakka is the story of Ayesha Rauthar who has to go to court because of a small vellaka (Machinga).

Saudi Vellaka is the story of many people who have gone up and down the court and have forgotten to live, although Umm is the only one in the film who had to fight alone for years because of the slow progress of the justice system. Although many stars are coming there, it does not relieve the whining Ayesha Rauthar creates in the viewers.


We will join in the grief of this mother without knowing that it is a movie. Even at the places where the viewer feels that Umma will cry, the viewer’s eyes will fill up at times. Actress Devi Verma was able to create such a reflection in the viewers. All the characters throughout the film have their sorrows, joys, and lives to tell.


There Ayesha Rauthar does not break the acting and there are no unnecessary dialogues. There is only silence where there is a need to speak. Devi Varma, who is not just acting, is touching us for the length of the film. When Umm comes down to see the lawyer, even the lawyer’s wife says that she is an emotionless woman. It is that lack of emotion that binds us to them.

The scenes between Ayesha Rauthar and her son Sattar are very deep. When that mother tells us that we can only love with our hearts, our chests will tighten. There is no exaggeration of dialogue or expressions in the Saudi White Paper. The Saudi white collar says that it does not need anything to fill the eyes and minds of the viewers.

One scene where he asks his son if he is taking Oommen to get rid of him cannot express the pain it causes in the audience. We have seen many characters in many movies who have to go through the court. But none of them have made the audience think so much about the slow progress of the justice system as this Ummumma says. When Ayishumma says that she has become accustomed to the court, it is exactly in the audience’s mind.


The audience feels a heavyweight in the chest of the audience till the last part of this movie where one laughs. Their laughter is comforting. The role of Pauly Valson who voiced Ayesha Rauthar is worth mentioning. Paulie Valson’s voice is able to convey to the audience how much the character is whining even in the slightest hum.

In every home and in our surroundings we find an elderly person like this. In the film, Kunjon (Lukman) says in one place that there is no such thing as a human being. From that, the movie finally tells the truth that human beings are so much through Ayesha Rather.



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