Saturday Night Movie Review | Saturday Night Theatre Response | Saturday Night Public Review | Nivin: I don’t know if the scenes were messed up in the editing, the director forgot to shoot or the scriptwriter forgot to write, whatever the reason, Saturday Night is going nowhere.

Roshan Andrews brings together Nivin Pauly and his team and makes a tough effort to show the deep levels of friendship in this film.

But despite what was shown, Stanley, Ajith, Justin, and Sunil did not even understand how they became friends. The film, which was made only to experience and celebrate friendship, never once does the audience get a connection between these friends.

At the beginning of the film, while watching Siju Wilson’s Ajith and Grace Antony’s Susan getting married, one wonders ‘how…why.


As there is a possibility that this doubt will be repeated many times again, it is possible that the makers thought that after a while the audience will forgive and adapt to the film.

The movie is set in Mysore. Malayalees and their families in Mysore are in the picture. The film begins by showing WhatsApp group chats between Stanley, Ajith, Justin, and Sunil.

These friends are Nivin Pauly, Siju Wilson, Saiju Kurup, and Aju Varghese. They are shown in a gap of years. It is only when it is written and shown a few years later that it is understood that the characters’ college days or the time after their studies were shown first.


It can be said that Nivin Pauly’s Stanley is the leader of the gang. At one point the reason why he can’t live without friends is given. Sunil is also such a character. The other two are slightly different from this.

The film has shown this difference in character in many situations. This is the only interesting thing about the characters in the film. In other way, the characters are not prepared after studying them in depth. Often it even seems that the story was thought out by putting together a few characters who have no thinking skills.


All the characters are filled with artificiality. Sunil’s character can be said to be the pinnacle of this. The film uses archaic methods to show his social status and benevolence.

Nivin Pauly’s Stanley Apoorva has been out of hand all but a few times. Aju Varghese gets a bit serious at times but rests in his usual pattern. Siju Wilson and Saiju Kurup are trying to perform but are helpless with the ‘quality’ of the characters and the script they get.


Although not the main character in the film, Grace Antony has made her role magnificent with her performance. I wish I had seen Susan a little longer. But even they are disgusted towards the end by giving an aruboran dialogue.

It took a long time to figure out who or what Sania’s Vaishnavi was. Seeing Vaishnavi watching the friendship between others in such an emotional way brought laughter.

Whether it was to the police station, to meet a lawyer, or to go to the other house, this character was like going down to Bek with a bundle for a Himalayan trip.


The villain of Saturday Night is Naveen Bhaskar’s rich screenplay and Roshan Andrews’ sharp direction. The film gives the feel of a hacked film throughout.

This film also has the peculiarity that Jakes Bijoy’s music is not enjoyed at any point in the film. There is a song in the film that symbolizes friendship. It was a piece of music that was repeated many times in the film but never stuck in my mind.

There was a lot of manipulation on the set of the movie. The club where they go to parties, their hang-out place, the warehouse, and the plants in the yard were all of this type.


There was a procession of many scenes in this film that did not seem to have any logic. Ajith and Justin suddenly start dressing like Stanley, with clothes that don’t show a wrinkle even after three days, and being able to celebrate in the warehouse even when the police are conducting a massive investigation, there is a lot to hang on the thread.

There are other doubts as to whether the places where Sunil is shown separating from his friends and the warehouse are one and the same or two. And then there are the ‘tip pranks’ that come out to trick girls with bets. But none of this matters much when the film is a complete mess.


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