Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal throws the property paper on vivaan and tells him that guptaji has converted half of its residences on vivaan’s name and right here he’s roaming with the girl who already ran faraway from her marriage. Reema attempts to provide an explanation for kajal but kajal slaps her and tells her to live faraway from these sorts of girls. Vivaan explains that she didn’t recognize her circumstance. Vivaan is going to clean the hotel invoice. Kajal ask her to live faraway from vivaan. Reema changes her attitude and tells to kajal that she ought to now not have slapped her. Kajal tells her that she is kajal gupta, yet reema tells her that she can’t store her marriage from her. Whilst vivaan comes reema leaves from there with vivaan. Vivaan tells to kajal that she should not behave like this. Kajal calls guptaji and tells him that the gold digger reema is returned. Simar is singing and dancing in her room at the same time as doing the every day chores. Geetanjali devi hears the song and follows the voice, she reaches infront of aarav’s room.

Interim aarav closes simar’s mouth together with his hand. Geetanjali devi thinks the music is her creativeness. Aarav tells to simar that he doesn’t need to scare her, he just wants to shop her. He tells her that anyplace she feels like singing she will be able to close the door and sing. He surprised her with the task provide letter from radio station. She is on cloud 9 and thank you him. He asks her to rejoice it with tea. Chitra calls aarav. Guptaji and kajal is at oswal house. Kajal suggests aarav the video of vivaan and reema. She complains that reema is going to break their wedding. Aarav asks in which is vivaan. Guptaji suggests his anger but griraj guarantees that not anything will take place. Kajal sees simar and name callings her that each sister’s are professionals in spoiling others home. Chitra also shouts at her, simar attempts to justify about reema. Kajal tells that reema is best and playing with vivaan at motel. Vivaan apologizes to reema.

Chitra comes with simar and aarav to their hotel room. Simar hugs reema and cries for her as she attempted suicide. Kajal tells reema is handiest performing to advantage vivaan’s sympathy. Vivaan tells chitra to prevent and leave in any other case he will display the reality. Aarav shouts at vivaan on his behaviour with chitra. Simar tells to reema that she will take her to their residence. Chitra tells that both sister’s are playing this plan. Reema tells them to go away.

Vivaan desires to live with reema. Aarav tells him to leave reema as badi ma got humiliation due to her. Aarav asks for vivaan’s promise that he’ll now not cross internal to reema. Guptaji ask reema how tons cash she wants to depart vivaan. Simar replies that he can’t communicate like this with them. Aarav calls reema, betrayal. Vivaan confess to aarav that he loves reema and she isn’t always following him, however he is in love along with her. He also tells aarav that the motive at the back of the marriage incident isn’t reema however it’s chitra.

Aarav slaps him and takes vivaan with him. Guptaji throws clean cheque infront of reema. Simar alternatives it up and tears it infront of chitra and guptaji and throws it on his face. Simar tells that they may be now not wealthy like them nonetheless they cannot buy them. Chitra tells that with money she also have electricity, she threatens them.

Episode ends.

Precap-meher attempts to locate seher. Karan and param combat and shove each other off the cliff. Meher screams.


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