Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Vivaan telling Reema that their approaches are different, he won’t be there to prevent her in her life. He involves her and holds her face, says many will die on your face, to your modeling and faux world. He says you don’t sincerely take care of the actual love, and asks her to head and do modeling. He says you don’t have values like Simar bhabhi, who remains fortuitously together along with her husband withinside the residence. Reema is shocked. Vivaan asks her to head and revel in her life, for what he has used her. Reema appears on crying.

Shobha and Rajendra are dancing. Shobha asks if Lalit’s sherwani is prepared or now no longer. Rajendra says yes, I will see the preparations and completed. Badi Maa prays to God that Aditi’s marriage shall manifest well. Aditi comes and touches her feet. Badi Maa asks what befell and makes her get up. Aarav says it appears Aditi desired to inform her the truth. Aditi tells Badi Maa that she has constantly notion her incorrect and she or he has now found out the truth. She thank you her for taking selection of her marriage. Badi Maa says you’re my grand daughter and forgives her.

She thank you Maa Durga and says Vivaan and Aditi have found out their mistakes. She says while that woman is going from here, Aarav will recognise his mistake too. She turns and sees Aarav standing, and asks if he needs to mention some thing. He says yes. Simar stops him. Aditi symptoms and symptoms no. Aarav says chutki’s rounds rite preparations are completed. Badi Maa asks Aarav to head and get equipped, as baraat will come soon. She asks Aditi to get equipped. Avinash asks Indu why she didn’t lit the diya. Indu says I am afraid that the ache which Aditi took from here, may harm any of our daughter. Gagan comes there equipped to visit Delhi. He apologizes to Avinash. Avinash asks him to make an apology to his mother. Gagan apologizes to him. Indu asks him to live returned and combat with the troubles, get braveness from Simar. Gagan cries and says sorry Maa.

Aditi receives equipped for her marriage. Sandhya comes there. Aditi says something you’ve got got completed, can’t be completed via way of means of anyone, can’t do via way of means of Oswal own circle of relatives. She takes out the jewelry field and says you’ve got got accumulated this stuff for me, and says you desired me to get equipped with the jewelry, asks her to make her get equipped. Sandhya takes the jewelry in her hand. Aarav and Simar come there. Sandhya makes Aditi put on the necklace. Aditi asks why this necklace is calling as hold rope. Sandhya cries and is going.

Simar asks Aditi why did you prevent us from telling Badi Maa approximately Mohit. Aditi says till after I will combat with my destiny. Aarav says I won’t permit you to marry that reasonably-priced person. Aditi says then you need to see my useless body. She says you may now no longer prevent this marriage, and offers them promise. Aarav is going from there. Aditi asks if you may now no longer get your Aditi equipped? Simar says no Aditi, I am sorry. She cries and is going from there.

Reema sees a few stuff. Simar involves her. Reema says all stuff are completed. Simar asks her to get Aditi equipped. Reema says ok, completed. She remembers Vivaan’s phrases and springs to her. Just then Servant comes there and asks her to get her equipped. Reema thinks she can be able to inform Simar later, as soon as Aditi receives married.

Chitra and Giriraj come to the marriage of Shobha’s residence dancing. Shobha is likewise dancing with others and says my mayka favourite humans have arrived. Vivek comes there. Pandit ji says the groom’s bride will do the tilak and could do ghodi pujan. Rajendra asks her to do, however Shobha signal no. Roma remembers analyzing Lalit’s message and Shobha scolding her and asking her now no longer to do any rasams. Rajendra asks her to do rasam. Roma suggests her bandaged hand. Rajendra says I will check, however Roma stops him. She says I can’t do the rasam. Shobha says Chitra will do the rasam. Chitra does the rasam and aarti of vivek. Vivaan asks a person to attain on the gate, as baraat might be coming.

Aarav thinks to invite Vivaan for solution, and thinks he is calling stressed. Vivaan tells that he distracts himself with work. He says it appears baraat have come, as they listen the track playing. Rana ji and his own circle of relatives come dancing with band. Aarav and Simar see Mohit getting down the car. Mohit and his guys shoot in air. Badi Maa receives disappointed listening to the track and is coming there. Bhairav takes Rana ji inside. Mohit asks Aarav and Simar to bounce. Aarav asks him to bounce and says they can’t dance. Mohit says if I sense awful then I will take returned this baraat. Simar says it isn’t always allowed in our residence. Mohit asks her to return back and holds her hand. Aarav brushes off his hands.

Precap: Aditi and Mohit are taking rounds. Simar asks Mata Rani to do some thing and keep Aditi.


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