Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with simar ringing the temple bell to get solution for her query. Aarav is driving the car disappointed. Gagan looks at simar with tears in his eyes. Aarav recollects samar’s phrases that he is not accept as true with worth and that they may be getting married. Yamini devi comes to the studio and sees samar indignant and gambling the drum.

One of the chit falls down from mata rani’s lap. Simar alternatives it. Aarav gets down from the automobile and thinks samar become lying, i shall speak to simar. He thinks his simar can’t do some thing wrong with him. He comes to avinash’s house and calls simar announcing he needs to talk to her. The neighbor tells that the gate is locked and indu went to get the kundalis matched. Aarav gets taken aback and is going from there, thinks a way to enquire and with whom. He thinks handiest that one character can tell me the whole thing.

He calls reema. Reema alternatives the decision and asks if it’s miles the arena’s last day which you called me. Aarav says think some thing you need and says i met samar and he told that he is marrying simar. He says this is a lie and asks her to tell. Reema says that is a reality. Aarav is bowled over in shock and says no. He says you’re having variations with me and asks her not to take out grudge with him. Reema says that is the fact and tells that gajendra oswal introduced alliance for simar and wishes her to marry simar. Aarav says papa and drops the smartphone at the ground.

He thinks papa can’t do this with me. He’s taking his phone. Gajendra is with badimaa. Badimaa asks him to fix her meeting with ca. Aarav calls him, but he doesn’t see the call. Aarav thinks to go home and question sandhya. He thinks maa will inform me everything. Simar opens the chit and sees yes. Gagan says you bought the way, come. Simar says i’m coming aarav ji. Aditi talks to gagan and he tells that simar is coming to fulfill aarav.

Aditi closes the door and asks them to return from lower back door. Gagan says ok and thanks her. Aditi says bring my bhabhi again domestic. She thinks when they meet, they may take out a few manner and everything can be first-rate. She prays to god to make them meet as soon as. Gagan asks simar to return, and says he talked to aditi. Aarav’s car receives punctured. He gets down and takes an car. Aditi opens the again door and says i am so satisfied which you got here bhabhi. Gagan says i’m going to meet reema for bhai dooj rituals. He asks aditi to take simar inner.

Aditi asks simar to return. Simar steps inside. Sasural simar ka performs….. Aditi closes the door after simar gets inside. Reema thinks if tai ji talked to aarav and thinks what’s going to he do. Reema sees aditi and calls her. Simar hides. Reema asks aditi if she talked to aarav. She says i am coming down and asks her to attend there. Aditi and simar are bowled over. Reema comes downstairs. Aditi takes simar far from there. Reema thinks wherein did aditi pass now? She exams for her and unearths her in the kitchen.

Aditi asks if she changed into asking her some thing. Reema asks aditi if she is hiding some thing. Aditi says she became thirsty so came to drink water. She asks what you become asking. Reema tests the kitchen searching around. She receives gagan’s message and tells aditi that she has to visit do gagan’s tilak. She asks aditi, if she is pleasant. Aditi says yes. Reema says you didn’t react whilst i’ve taken gagan’s call. Aditi says gagan is my beyond now. Reema says i desire others understand this as properly and goes. Aditi takes simar from there. Simar looks at aarav and her room and gets emotional.

Aditi says this room is yours and aarav bhai handiest and may be usually of you each. She asks her to come. Reema does gagan’s tilak and aarti. Gagan is asking on tensed. Reema asks him to loosen up and says nobody is at domestic, except tai ji and aditi. Gagan asks if aarav ji is also not at home. Reema says no. She then asks if simar decided about marriage. She says she is wasting time to determine. Gagan says her coronary heart is broken, she needs time to suppose,

we shall no longer pressurize her. Reema says you are taking me wrong and says samar is a superb guy. Gagan says that doesn’t mean that he is ideal for her. He says we shall accept simar’s choice, despite the fact that she refuses. Reema asks him to inform what simar is doing, questioning and in which is she? Gagan says she is here in oswal mansion. He says aditi took her inner. Reema says simar is here. Gagan says simar got here to talked to aarav ji and couldn’t reflect onconsideration on everyone other than aarav ji. He says after they communicate, everything can be resolved. Reema is greatly surprised.

Gagan asks reema to go inner and cope with the matter. Reema says i am concerned for simar and says i will cross and stop her. Gagan is stunned. Reema asks him to head and says i can cope with the whole thing. Gagan says i might be close to, call me if wanted. Reema thinks if simar and aarav meet then the entirety may be over. She rushes interior to stop simar. Aditi says aarav bhai’s smartphone is unreachable. Aarav is inside the car.

Precap: sandhya asks aarav to loose simar from their incomplete love. Aarav says you said proper, i can circulate on. I will start my lifestyles with a brand new beginning. Simar hears him and cries.


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