Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gagan asking simar what she needs? She says she is getting overdue to go to studio. She imagines aarav after which sits within the vehicle. Reema talks to indu and asks her to inform simar’s decision. Vivaan comes there. Reema tells that she has referred to as gagan for bhai dooj and could do the rituals in lawn and then he’s going to go away.

Vivaan says no trouble. Reema hugs him fortunately. Vivaan hugs her too. Reema smiles. Samar tells someone that simar likes temperature of 24 degree and nobody shall speak to her. Someone gives him cheques. Simar comes there. Samar offers her water and tells her that track allows to overlook the entirety or to remind the whole lot. He says it always relies upon how we take it and says you don’t want to document the scratch. I recognize you are a good singer and i agree with you fully. Simar receives geared up to sing and looks at aarav who comes there as sirav singh sodi. Samar appears at aarav. He is taking the mic and says nobody shall come between you and music. He says until now track has supported you, now you shall guide song. He asks her to get geared up. Aarav asks him to record the scratch and very last recording at the earliest. He says this album desires to be completed. Simar starts making a song the tune roam roam and cries. Aarav couldn’t undergo and is going out. Simar cries badly. Samar rushes to her. Aarav sees him going to her. Samar asks simar, if she is first-class.

Simar says i can’t sing and runs out of the studio. Aarav looks on as she runs. Samar runs in the back of simar. Aarav runs behind samar. Simar receives within the lift and cries. Samar sees her leaving. He comes to aarav and holds his hand. He asks in which are you going sodi? Aarav says why simar went crying? Samar says it is none of your personal count. Aarav says i’m no longer paying you in your private topics. Samar takes out the cheque given by way of aarav, tears it and throws on him. He says now you aren’t paying me and that i don’t want to provide you any explanation. He says closing night time i had informed you, or even now i’m telling you to stay for your limits. Aarav asks what do you mean by using ultimate night. Samar says i’m able to inform you and recollects seeing his bracelet and identifying him final night.

He takes to the air his moustache and says the individuals who does work hidingly is not trustable by way of absolutely everyone, and calls him aarav oswal. He says you are not honest of simar. Aarav asks how dare you, who are you to interfere among us. Samar says simar and that i are getting married. Aarav is taken aback and says this isn’t feasible. He asks him to take lower back his words and says else you don’t realize what i can do. Samar says truth can’t change, samar and simar are getting married. Aarav increases his hand to hit him, but stops. He says my simar can’t try this, you’re lying to me. He is going out from there shattered and calls simar. Simar is long past already. Aarav thinks it’s far not possible, i shall talk to simar. Simar is inside the temple and asks mata rani, the whole thing.

She says one side is her circle of relatives and parents, and other side is aarav ji. She says i am losing the whole lot from my hand, my aarav ji. She says i can die without you and might’t permit a person in my lifestyles. She says she will’t marry everyone else, and says this idea is sufficient to kill me. She says i need to talk to aarav ji and desires to inform him the whole thing. She says he can take me out from this example, however how to speak to him, as i have promised maa no longer to speak to him. She asks god to show her the way and says i want to speak to him as soon as. Aarav thinks simar’s telephone is unreachable and thinks to call gagan to recognise is happening.

Gagan is listening to simar within the temple and gets teary eyes. Aarav says even gagan’s phone is out of reach. He thinks of samar’s phrases and thinks he can’t do that. He thinks simar can’t do that with me and thinks to realize from her. He sits in the car and leaves. Simar seems at the 2 chits in her hand and tells mata rani that the answer to her question is there in it, that if she shall meet aarav ji or no longer. She says i am leaving them to you and asks her to reveal the manner to her. She continues the chit near mata rani. She says now it depends on you, if i shall meet him or now not. She says i take delivery of your solution and jewelry the temple bell.

Precap: aditi opens the door and sees simar coming. Sandhya asks aarav to permit simar move and free her from his love. Aarav says you said proper and tells that he’ll flow on. Simar hears him and cries, even as status outside.


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