Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode begins with simar asking simar 2 to smile. Simar 2 smiles. Simar asks her to do some thing to make reema happy and for what she is excellent at. Reema is satisfied and getting mehendi implemented on her hand. Simar thinks of reema slapping her. Simar 2 involves reema and sings tune kal ho na ho. Indu is set to stop her, however simar stops indu. Reema additionally receives teary eyes. They recollect their sisters’ bonding and their moments. Reema receives up and opens her hands extensive. Simar 2 runs to her and hugs her. They each cry. Indu and others smiles. Simar 2 holds her ears.

Reema holds her hand and forgives her. They wipe every different’s tears and then smiles. Simar smiles seeing them happy. Indu says my daughters’ smile convey the real allure. She hugs them. Roma comes and hugs them. Chitra, sandhya and others look on. Indu says you’ll go the following day to your private home. Reema says i am leaving dimmer for you. Simar says at some point even she has to move, then the house can be empty and asks indu if she is sad. Indu says getting the daughters’ married is like setting apart hearts from frame. She says first roma, now reema and simar 2 will even leave soon. Simar says daughters can in no way get unrelated to their families. She talks approximately parents’ role in daughters’ lives. She says that is my religion that your daughters will fill the residence with happiness, anyplace they go. Indu says reema is fortunate to get this sasural and issues for simar 2. She says she is very simple and by no means advised me about what sort of sasural and husband she needs. Simar 2 also asks her to mention. Gagan asks simar 2 to express her feelings in one of these manner that all of them get glad and get in dance mood. Indu says reema’s sasural don’t like sangeet.

Simar says it’s miles ok, the following day is reema’s marriage, this is ok. Simar 2 dances on the music sasural simar ka with simar. Badi maa goes in the automobile. Shobha calls her and asks her to peer what’s occurring in aarav’s sasural, says this woman is singing nice. Badi maa asks driving force to take a u turn. Shobha comes back to chitra, who says if it’s miles executed. Simar 2 keeps to sing. Simar additionally dances along with her. Every body dances together with her. Badi maa comes there and sees simar 2 dancing. She gets ache in her ears and holds it.

Simar sees badi maa coming there. Simar 2 keeps dancing. Badi maa comes there and holds simar 2’s hand to prevent her. Simar 2 sees her and receives tensed. All of us gets tensed seeing badi maa. Badi maa shouts and asks them to prevent singing song and the shameless drama. Indu comes infront of simar 2. Badi maa says when we instructed in reality that sangeet, dance or any shameless act will no longer take place, then why this has came about? She asks simar if she had now not informed them. Simar says i advised but. Badi maa asks what to say? Avinash comes there and apologizes on simar 2’s behalf. Badi maa asks did you teach this aspect for your kids and is proud of your values.

She says i simply asked sooner or later and you couldn’t maintain our word. Simar seems at sandhya. Badi maa asks if family members are fulfilled on your own family this manner. Avinash asks badi maa to trust her that she doesn’t like dance and track this a good deal. Badi maa says she just hates sangeet and the people who are associated with it. Reema tells that she doesn’t sing, but simar 2 changed into singing.

Badi maa says thank god, such singing and dancing female can’t come to be anybody’s bahu and can be a domestic breaker and might’t installation home. Simar 2 realizes badi maa was the only who stopped her display inside the radio station. Simar asks badi maa to pay attention to her. Badi maa says i’m performed with it and asks her own family to come. Avinash asks badi maa not to allow his head bend down with disgrace. He accepts their mistake and asks her to reflect onconsideration on the marriage day after today. Badi maa says there’s no marriage day after today, says after some thing occurred nowadays here, there may be no marriage the following day.

She folds her fingers. Shobha smiles and appears at chitra. Avinash asks badi maa to listen. Badi maa walks faraway from there. Shobha and chitra smirks happily. Simar thinks what to do? Reema is bowled over. Simar also walks out from there. Avinash falls in surprise. Everybody rushes to him.

Precap: avinash and indu go to badi maa’s residence and asks her not to cancel the wedding. Badi maa maintains a situation. Avinash comes domestic and tells simar about badi maa’s condition.


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