Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Simar telling Reema that the decoration is ready. Reamer thank him and ask how his heart grows and can give love, affection, compassion, and forgiveness to all. She asks how she can be so strong. Shimmer says Reamer Di is her reason and asks if she heard her name. Reamer smiled. Simal praised her for being strong and burning. He says Di protects me better than my brother. She remembers her childhood incident when Reamer took out the ears of a man who made fun of her (Shimmer). Adity wonders if Gagan didn’t come to see me. Given Mohit’s words, believe he is not a good boy. Sandhya comes to call Aditi. Adity tells Sandia that Mohit is not a good man, and she asks her not to marry him. Sandhya says enough, she doesn’t make excuses. I am very tired. Adity asked if a stranger touched me, she says. Does Sandhya ask what you said? Did you ask for it all? She dares to ask our daughter such a cheap question. She asks Adity to tell her. Aditival. Sandhya hugs her and asks if this is true. Adity cries and she tells him this is true. He hugged her and cried.
Rome misses Lalit and sends her a message. Divya’s father asks everyone to make an appointment.

Divya’s mother says the first Tika happens. Rajendra says Vivek’s bhabhi will do tika and asks Rome to come. Shoba stops Rome, tells Divia’s father that Rome is reacting to Sindore, and asks Divia’s friend to do Tika. She says happiness comes when you go home, otherwise others try to drive away happiness. Divya’s girlfriend plays Divya and Vivek’s tika. Vivek and Divya exchange rings. They are all smiling. Rome also smiles.
Simal says my sister is a tiger. Reamer says I remember everything. Simal says these things will be our backbone. Reamer says you gave the right answer that day, and she says you are the best girl and she doesn’t like you. Simal says they like me, but they want to be brave and fearless, like you. Reamer asks if you make me cry. She asks him to help control her bad habits, and she says I control her habits that make her weak and emotional. Simal says we support each other. Reamer says mom and dad wanted it.

They have a hug. While ready, Shimmer feels happy. Reamer thinks the police may pick her up from there. Simard says I’m going to prepare him because Biban Ji can go home and ask him to confess his love. She says the best, and tomorrow I want to know everything in detail. Reamer is embarrassed and smiles.
Adity says he’s a very bad guy, my life would be ruined if I marry him. Why didn’t Sandhya teach this before the engagement? What about the respect of the Oswar family since the engagement took place? Adity asks what about my respect,

she says she steals all my respect and my soul. She asks you if it’s okay. He says you loved me because you were my mar and you didn’t see me and when I was on your lap. She asks him if he doesn’t protect me, how she can hand me over to a dirty man, and asks him to stop this marriage. Sandia cried. Adity holds her leg and cries. Sandhya starts there. Adity says your Adity isn’t lying, I’ll die if I marry him. Sandia sits in the temple of her house and remembers Adity’s words. Remember that little Adity asked him if he would save her and if he was with her. Sandhya says it’s good that you chose your side, but you’re not fighting anyone. Adity first promises him to think like her mother.

Sandhya remembers her promise to her. fb is finished. She wipes away her tears and joins hands in front of Matarani. Get jewelry and scarves for them. He comes to Adity’s room. Adity says I didn’t lie, the guy was very bad. Sandhya says that the world of men is very harsh and the heart of women is very delicate. It is the duty of all mothers to protect her daughter. She says it’s time to stop treating her daughter like an animal and tell the world that it’s not our wealth but our people. Even if you don’t fight this house or the world, you can’t afford to break the respect of her daughter by acting as a shield to prevent blind people from seeing it. She says Adity thanked you, understood me, and believed in you. Sandhya says I understand everything and she asks her to come, she says they have to go, they don’t have much time. Where does Adity say? Sandhya asks if Gagan loves you. Adity says so, he met me today, but Simal Babi lied and said he came to give some things.

She says her even her own heart is broken like me. Sandhya asks if he accepts you and gives you the love and respect he deserves. Adity says Gagan accepts me and has the same values ​​as Shimmer. Sandhya says it’s okay, I’ll marry you, where you’ll get both love and respect. Adity asks: Will you take me to Gagan? Sandhya says she’s sorry for the rest of her life if she doesn’t do this today. He says I will not sacrifice my daughter for the respect of this house. She gives her a scarf. Adity is wearing a scarf. Sandhya also wears a scarf and leaves the room. Laer Badi Maa and Gajendra. Badi Maa asks why the mandap is not established. Marriage is in the morning. Gajendra assured him. Badi Maa says nothing happens. Adity and Sandia try to hide from them and accidentally break the vase. Gajendra says I’ll go and see it. Simar comes there and sees Sandhya and Aditi. She tells Gajendra that she was putting milk in her room. Gajendra says I drink. Badi Maa says that breaking glass is a disadvantage. Shimmer sees them and stops. She tells Buddymar that she will clean it, maybe it’s rotten. Buddy Mar asks Gajendra to fight her post-marriage plague. Cimar asks Sandia, where are you going at night? Sandhya says let’s go,

I have to fulfill her mother’s duty, I have to take this step and break her hand in front of her. Simal says what happened, she don’t join hands. Sandhya says I promised to protect her and take Aditi with her love Gagan. Cimar is surprised to tell you. She says you know what both families have, and we don’t know what Bye wants. Adity says she’s confident that I’ll die if I don’t own it. Do you call Shimmer a mohit? Adity says she’s a very dirty person and she speaks everything and shows fb. Shimmer hugs her. Sandhya asks if you understand now, why am I talking about this step, how to put my daughter’s hand in the hands of a dirty person? She says I won’t get this marriage if I’m wrong. Simal says I don’t know, but I know her mother can’t make the wrong decision for her daughter. She says I’m with you and asks them to come. Thank you for Adity. They all start walking. Sandhya is about to fall, but Simar is hugging her. Simal says I will go and open the door. Sandhya drops her jewel from her hand. Simard turned around and saw Arrab arriving. Sandhya and Aditi collect gems. Aarav approaches them and asks Sandhya what she is doing. He says tomorrow is Adity’s wedding. Sandhya says Aditi will not marry Mohit, tomorrow will not be her marriage. I will take her from here. Aarav turns them.

In advance: Sandhya tells Aarav that he will take Aditi to Gagan and he won’t stop her. Otherwise she will lose her mother with her sister. Sandhya, Aditi and Simar leave home. The storm begins. Badi Maa closes the window. He was shocked to see Sandhya, Aditi and Simar outside the house.


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