Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Gajendra telling Avinash that he is aware of that he’s in dilemma. He says even I changed into in dilemma, and says while he noticed her face, she is breaking inside and getting shattered. He says she wishes a companion who can take her out from this pain. Avinash says you’re proper, however.

Gajendra says I actually have enquired approximately Samar and saved this suggestion infront of you once you have his approval. He says now the entirety is for your hands. Avinash asks Samar, if he is aware of approximately Simar’s beyond. Samar says something takes place with us, isn’t in our hands. He says the manner she has dealt with the state of affairs and dealt with anybody is amazing. He says Simar like girl, goodness, nature and conduct like her. He didn’t see such element in different girls.

He says he don’t accept as true with in beyond and desires to pass on. He says I will take Simar with me. Gajendra says each are equal and are associated with tune also. Roma says can I say and says anybody doesn’t get 2d threat, and tells that this suggestion is ideal for her. Reema says if Simar remains satisfied then her happiness will direct us to happiness as well. Indu asks Avinash what’s he thinking? Avinash asks Gajendra, can I communicate to you alone. Gajendra nods his head. Later he apologizes to Avinash for bringing this alliance for Simar.

He says I actually have visible horrific matters going on together along with her in my residence and I couldn’t do some thing. He says I simply needs her happiness and not anything else. Avinash says this all commenced because of me and says Simar agreed to take a seat down withinside the mandap, seeing me helpless and had found out that if the baraat returns then her father will die proper there. He says Simar has carried out her responsibility as a daughter, however I couldn’t do my responsibility as her father. He says I am responsible of her. Gajendra says no one is responsible approximately that state of affairs. Avinash says this time, I will ask Simar what she wishes. Simar comes there and calls Papa. She says even I need, what you each needs.

She says I realize which you each need to have kheer made with the aid of using me. She says I need you each to experience the kheer and asks them to experience the sherbet till she brings kheer. Avinash stops her and says I need to invite you. He asks for his telecellsmartphone and asks her to head. Simar goes. Avinash asks the way to acquire braveness to speak to her. Gajendra says it’s miles very hard for you, however something you stated is proper, Simar shall decide. Indu asks Reema and Roma now no longer to inform some thing to Simar, till Papa talks to her.

Simar comes there and asks what occurred? Roma smiles seeing Simar. Indu says Roma changed into speakme approximately her saas. Indu asks in which is Sandhya ji? Simar says she is in room and asks Indu to head there. Reema and Roma smiles. Simar says you each are excited for the sherbet. Roma says no, and tells that they’re satisfied for the jashn and says you’ll get what you deserve. Reema says now it’s miles the time for a sisters’ hug. They have a hug. Roma asks Simar to attend to realize the entirety.

Simar tells Roma that she can be able to convey kheer for them. Roma says our mouth is already sweet. She tells Reema that they shall inform her, and can’t manage anymore. They are approximately to say. Avinash asks them to be quiet and says we are able to communicate approximately it later. Simar appears on clueless. Sandhya comes there and asks Gajendra if the entirety is fine. Gajendra says yes, I will name you later Avinash ji.

Simar asks Gajendra to have kheer. Gajendra says I will come later and feature kheer. Simar touches his toes and hugs Sandhya. Gajendra and Sandhya leaves. Reema asks Avinash to agree and now no longer to think. Avinash asks Reema to live farfar from Simar’s remember and says this time no one will pressure her. Reema says however Papa. Vivaan says Papa is proper, you’ve got got carried out what you could, and in spite of everything elders selection matters. Reema says even I need Simar’s happiness. Vivaan says you’re Oswal own circle of relatives bahu now and is attempting to meet your duty there, and asks her now no longer to strain herself. He tells Avinash that the closing selection will be of Simar and him. Reema and Vivaan leaves. Samar appears on.

They come to Oswal Mansion. Reema holds Vivaan’s hand and continues on her eyes. She thank you him for preventing her on the proper time and says very last selection will be of Maa, Papa and Simar. She says she changed into excited. Vivaan says its ok, don’t be sorry for the cherished ones happiness. He says I am shocked, how can Tau ji stated this so easily, I didn’t count on this. He says from in which he were given this idea, and asks who advised him approximately Samar? Reema says while the God desires to make the manner, he makes it eventually. He says Papa changed into proper, till he talks to Simar, we will now no longer inform anyone. Vivaan says yes.

Sandhya asks Gajendra, you’re telling me now, after speakme to Avinash ji and Indu. She says Simar’s marriage, how can you observed of this. Gajendra says after something occurred together along with her right here, I need to convey happiness returned in her existence. Sandhya says Simar loves your son.

Gajendra says I realize, we need to heal the wound in Aarav and Simar’s heart. Sandhya says my son is demise each second and if he involves realize approximately this, then he’ll smash fully. She says why did you convey alliance for my bahu? Gajendra says she isn’t your bahu, simply allow her go. Sandhya says I can’t do that betrayal to my kids. Gajendra asks what do you need, that they spend their lives for his or her love. He says in the event that they unite then Oswal own circle of relatives will smash. He says they need to sacrifice their like to keep this residence. He says I need to ask for a massive sacrifice from my children, I can’t say what I am going through, I am helpess and can’t extrade my Mother’s mind and selection. He says day by day I awaken with the concept that I am answerable for my son’s condition.

He says I am shattered. Sandhya says you’ve got got constantly concept approximately own circle of relatives, sacrificing your very own happiness. Gajendra says nowadays my head is low. He cries and says if we ask our children to transport on and maintain their new existence partners’ hand, then they could overlook their beyond. Sandhya says now I apprehend your perspective. She says Aarav shall pass on, and he’ll pass on. She says I am with you.

Indu asks avinash why is he tensed? She asks him to take a seat down. Avinash says how to speak to Simar. Just then they see Samar bringing tea for them. Indu asks why did you convey tea for us? Samar asks why there’s formality among us, if some thing changed. He says sorry for speakme to Gajendra uncle first as opposed to them. He says the entirety occurred abruptly that he didn’t get a threat to speak. He says Simar and my marriage talks are going on, I concept to speak to you each. Avinash asks him to say. Samar introduces himself and says he don’t have any assets, however tune is his existence and the own circle of relatives’s love and balance is his hunger, which this residence gave me.

He says while Indu fed me meals and Avinash saved hand on my head with love, I need to live right here and concept I were given the shelter. He says something Simar didn’t get in her beyond relation, I will provide her. I will provide her admire and dignity. He guarantees them. Indu receives emotional. Samar says you each might be my anmol ratan constantly. He asks them to have tea and goes. Indu says the entirety might be precise now. She says Samar will hold our Simar satisfied. Avinash says I realize, however Simar’s approval is important. Simar appears out of the balcony. Aarav is status in the back of the tree and searching at her.

Precap: Simar asks Avinash to inform what occurred? Avinash says Gajendra ji added alliance for you and needs Samar and also you to get married. Simar is shocked. Later Aarav involves Avinash’s residence. Samar opens the door…


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