Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Simar getting mehendi applied on all fours Aarav that every one of the women are situated to get mehendi applied. Aarav says alright. The mehendi originator requests that she tell the name. Reema additionally gets mehendi applied on her hand. Aarav comes to Vivaan and asks what are you doing here, while work is going on. Vivaan says it is women work, so what I will do there. Aarav sits and tells that you get smart thoughts, really I need to go to mehendi work.

Vivaan requests that he tell noisily. Aarav says I need to go to the mehendi work. Vivaan says you need to go to mehendi work and inquires as to whether he is fine, gentlemen are not permitted and will return thrashed. Aarav inquires as to whether he is fine and inquires as to whether he is same Vivaan who used to say that he isn’t frightened of anybody. Vivaan says it is self destruction mission. Aarav asks what you would have done, to go there. Vivaan says it is women work and just women are permitted. Aarav reviews Simar telling that he will know whether he needs to wear lehenga.

Simar converses with Aarav utilizing her earplug and advises that mehendi is concerned with her hands, you are not here. She turns and checks out Badi Maa standing. She gets strained and says mehendi is applied on hands, I need to drink water. Badi Maa checks out her and goes. Simar says today she is saved and goes from that point. He says indeed, else badi maa would have realized that we are associated. He inquires as to for what reason did she close her eyes? She glances around. Aarav comes there wearing the lehenga and sits behind her. He asks her not to move, else mehendi will be destroyed.

Simar says you are speculating. Aarav says peacock configuration looks great on you. Simar goes to him and makes him turn. She says Aarav ji. He requests that she be quiet. Mehendi fashioner requests that she disclose to her better half’s name. Aarav requests that Simar tell. Simar says Aarav. Mehendi originator composes his name on her hand. Aarav says he don’t o lose any test and needs to meet her after mehendi work. Simar grins. Aarav goes from that point.

Aditi checks out Gagan’s pic and wipes M from her hand and composes on her hand. She says no one can have Gagan’s spot in my life. Gagan gathers his sacks and figures he didn’t realize that his arrangement will satisfied after her hurt her. He wishes her for her wedded life.

Roma sends voice message to Lalit and requests that he return back home and call her once. She sees her hands and says don’t have a clue the number of distresses are composed on my hands.

Aarav checks out Simar’s mehendi plan from far and says I need to kiss your hand. Simar says you need to demolish my mehendi. He says mehendi is applied on all fours on your cheeks. Simar grins. He envisions singing and hitting the dance floor with her. fb closes. Simar gets hack. She hacks. Aarav brings water for herself and makes her beverage. Reema grins seeing them and goes to meet Vivaan. She requests that Vivaan help her and make her beverage water,

as mehendi is applied on her hand. Vivaan takes a gander at her mehendi plan. He brings water and says Badi Maa says that water will be offered even to adversaries, however that doesn’t imply that I will make you drink with my hands. He puts straw and requests that she drink. She says I was not imperative to previously and even presently. Reema says my sentiments are honest and this will be shown by my mehendi shading, it will be exceptionally dim today. She attempts to move her hair from her head. Vivaan draws close to her and reviews her words. He gets vexed, takes the tissue paper and clears his name off of her hand.

Aarav says it is sufficient Simar. Simar says ghagra and dupatta. He says it is extremely befuddling to wear and walk. He says he has regard for individuals for wearing it. Simar requests that he search his name in her grasp. Aarav couldn’t discover his name and says my name isn’t here. Simar says it is beyond the realm of imagination that your name isn’t in my grasp. He says how might women get mehendi applied on her hand and requests that she eat apple. She denies. He attempts to cause her to eat and says Aarav is found. Badi Maa comes there and calls Aarav. He says Badi Maa, Simar’s mehendi. He says there is nothing similar to you are thinking, might be you are thinking incorrectly. Badi Maa inquires as to whether you are excessively grown until you can peruse my musings, and requests that whom fault, your off-base accomplice or redirected goal. Aarav says Badi Maa.

Badi Maa says I have heard everything and feels that you have failed to remember the guarantee made to me, and you won’t fall in this present young lady’s adoration trap and this young lady will take off from the house in 15 days, however your goal is unique. Aarav says I recollect my guarantee. Badi Maa says I am certain that you will conflict with my guarantee. Simar says never, Aarav ji won’t ever conflict with the guarantee given to you. Badi Maa signs her to stop. Aarav says badi Maa yes. Badi Maa says I have nothing to do with anybody, and simply needs to hear you. Simar says Aarav’s ji’s reality is you and your adoration and he won’t ever decline to satisfy the guarantee. I will leave from here in 10 days, and from your and Aarav ji’s life. She requests that she trust her. Badi Maa says I am hanging tight for that day energetically.

She says I need to give you an idea, it is human instinct’s that whatever he will lose, he gets more leaned towards it, and afterward toward the end, he is the person who feels hurt and broken. She proposes them to restrict their 10 days relations in limits and make the mass of bashful. She says then you will feel less torment and tells Aarav that it is better for him to focus on his genuine relations instead of doing this. She says it isn’t not difficult to carry Aditi to the mandap and inquires as to for what reason is he overlooking the sibling’s obligations. She says tomorrow is her commitment and stresses that she may decline to descend.

Aarav guarantees that Aditi will catch her desire and says we won’t allow anything wrong to occur, believe us. She says we..and says I simply trust you, my relatives and I won’t confide in any untouchable, I don’t have to do this. She reminds Simar that 10 days are remaining and goes. Simar goes from that point. Aarav comes to Simar. Simar says let me go. Aarav asks do you feel that we will assemble the divider between us. Simar gestures her head. Aarav says we need to gain experiences among us and not the divider, with the goal that we recall for our entire life. He says he always remembers his guarantee, made to Badi Maa and you. Simar says even I need to gain experiences with you, yet Badi Maa is correct, we need to make divider between us, else we will feel torment.

Later in the evening, Aarav advises Simar that they need to bring Aditi down the stairs for her commitment and asks we can do this. She says ye He says I realize Aditi isn’t persuaded, yet I am certain that whatever Badi Maa has done is intended for her advancement. Simar gets some information about Aditi and says I have guaranteed myself not to let her break and will reveal to you when the ideal opportunity comes.

Shobha stresses for Lalit. Vivek asks the improvement folks to enhance the house. Rajendra goes to the kitchen. Roma asks do you need anything, I will give you tea. He serves tea in the cup and says he needs his girl to drink it, and says you will drink it and eat as well. Roma says I am stressed for Lalit and says how to eat. She faults herself for provoking Lalit and constraining him to make this stride. Rajendra says you have pushed him, took him out from his usual range of familiarity and propel him to accomplish something. He says I am certain that Lalit will succeed and requests that she prepare for great. He requests that she have food. Roma says thanks to him.

Simar prepares for the commitment and thinks Aarav ji is as yet resting. She takes a gander at the mehendi and afterward at him. Melody plays tum mujhme umar guzarna plays… ..She reviews Badi Maa’s words and prevents herself from contacting him. Gajendra comes there calling Aarav. Simar attempts to get up and falls on him. Aarav awakens and sees Simar close to him. Gajendra comes inside and sees Simar close to him.

He heads outside. Aarav gets up from bed and inquires as to whether all is well. Gajendra says in the event that all was well, you wouldn’t have dozed till late and furthermore not have concocted any rationalization. He says individuals leave, yet the positive routines stays. He says today is commitment, Maa has given you Aditi’s obligation and requests that he make sure, that Aditi does as they need. Aarav gestures his head. He returns to Simar and requests that she give towel. She gives him towel. He goes to wash up. Simar appeals to God that they will satisfy the obligation given by Badi Maa.

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