Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Gajendra pronouncing you’ve got got used sturdy phrases for Simar, however didn’t respond to me and asks if he don’t like her. Samar says she is cussed as her phrases and mind are sturdy, even large issues can’t shaken her up, she is smug as her self appreciate could be very critical for her, greater than her life, she will be able to take bullet for everybody and could forgive that person, however whilst the problem comes approximately her own circle of relatives, she can be able to now no longer depart that person. He says she is a large silly and is a doll of emotions, tears in ears, ache in coronary heart and smile at the face. He says she stocks happiness with all people and is silly now no longer to consider herself, simply consider others. He says I actually have by no means visible such female on this complete world. He then asks who’s he? Gajendra says I am her Papa. Samar says Avi is her papa. Gajendra says I regard her as my daughter. Samar says all people desires to be linked to her. Gajendra asks if they’re appropriate friends. Samar says don’t recognize approximately friendship, however we do the ache collectively and feature a few connection. Gajendra says she has the stamp of the divorcee. Samar says this society has stamps it and tells that Simar has treated it properly. Gajendra asks if he don’t get affected together along with her divorce tag? Samar says no. Gajendra asks what’s his opinion approximately Simar and his marriage. Samar is surprised.

Reema is making rangoli. Aditi comes and tells that rangoli could be very beautiful. Reema asks approximately Gajendra. Aditi says he went out. She appreciates her for readorning the residence properly and making best rangoli. Reema thank you her. Aditi says she is lacking Simar Bhabhi and tells that she had embellished the residence properly for the duration of Ganapati visarjan. Reema receives indignant and shouts prevent it. She then calms down and says if Badi Maa hears Simar’s call then she can be able to get upset. She then asks her to prevent calling Simar as Bhabhi. Aditi says appropriate matters don’t cross easily, however I will try. Reema asks her to head and notice the arrangements. She receives indignant.

Aarav thinks of Simar and Badi Maa’s phrases. He then recollects Vivaan’s phrases and thinks no one is glad with me, at one facet is Simar and different facet is own circle of relatives, whom to pick, what’s this quandary. He imagines Simar asking him to pick the way, wherein his coronary heart takes him, wherein his believe takes him, wherein he could have eye touch with himself. She continues the diyas withinside the room and says I recognize that your own circle of relatives is past God and says in case you pick your own circle of relatives, then your appreciate will boom in my sight. He says you’re creativeness, however relieves my quandary and confusion. He is ready to the touch her, whilst his creativeness breaks. Sandhya comes there and calls him. Aarav says I become harassed what to put on for aarti and asks her to take out some thing for him. Sandhya chooses the garments for him. Aarav says we will collect on the temple altogether. Sandhya says Diwali puja is critical and no family member can leave out it. Aarav says it’s far my responsibility that every one the own circle of relatives participants collect on the temple and says I will go back your antique Aarav to you. Sandhya blesses him and asks him to return back downstairs.

Gajendra asks what’s your opinion approximately marriage? Samar says I actually have courting with song and ache. Gajendra says I heard her making a song as soon as and tells that she has sweetness in her voice. He says she is the amalgamation of song and ache and says in case you each can unite then it could be wonderful. He asks him to suppose and permit him recognize. He offers his card and says glad diwali and goes.

Badi Maa does aarti withinside the residence. Gajendra says jai. Simar and her own circle of relatives do aarti of their residence. Suddenly Aarav thinks of Simar and begins offevolved clapping unexpected all people. Badi Maa continues hand on his head and says I pray which you get relieved from this ache so quickly and circulate on in life. Sandhya says this Diwali will be a brand new begin for my son. Aarav says Badi Maa, you’ve got got tears on your eyes. Badi Maa says even you’re teary eyes, how can my eyes be dry seeing you in ache. She asks him to cry absolutely and vent out his ache, in order that he can circulate on and that they also can circulate on. She says they can’t depart him by myself on this situation and asks him to transport on, in order that all of them can circulate on with him. Aarav touches her toes and hugs her. He says if I haven’t had this own circle of relatives’s love. Badi Maa says this own circle of relatives will constantly be with you. Vivaan says that is senti own circle of relatives, makes all people cry. He says we will have a good time Diwali and shall burn the crackers. He asks Aarav to return back and do. Aarav says the crackers sound will be loud that every one Agra shall hear. Aditi says how with out me, and asks them to return back. They cross out. Reema asks Gajendra if he met that guy. Gajendra says the time and location isn’t proper and says we can speak later. Reema says good enough and receives upset.

Indu asks Avinash and Gagan to present prasad withinside the community and says they’ll come after doing a little work. They depart. Indu holds Simar’s hand and takes her to the inhouse temple. Simar asks what passed off Maa. Indu continues her hand at the diya. Simar shouts in ache. Aarav’s hadn receives burnt too at the same time as retaining crackers and feels the ache. Simar asks what are you doing Maa? Indu asks her to swear infront of Mata Rani that she can be able to by no means meet Aarav from now onwards. Simar is shocked. Aarav is stressed and thinks why is he stressed. He continues his hand on his chest. Indu says I recognize what you’ve got got accomplished on karwachauth day and says I believe you blindly and fought with all people. She says I informed that my Simar is my delight and could now no longer do some thing wrong. She says you’ve got got smashed my believe below your toes and didn’t consider me as soon as. She says I couldn’t say some thing to Gitanjali Devi and says I actually have undergo this, however in case your Papa involves recognize approximately it, then he’s going to now no longer be saved. Simar says don’t say this. Indu asks her to cease this be counted proper right here and asks her to swear that she can be able to by no means meet Aarav again. She says in case your mother and father be counted to you, then you definitely shall take this swear. Simar seems emotional and shocked.

Precap: Gajendra involves Avinash and Indu’s residence and asks Simar’s hand for Samar. He says Samar is prepared for this alliance and asks Avinash and Indu for his or her approval..


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