Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins Mohit requesting that Simar tie his turban. Simar keeps on fixing it. Aarav comes there and reveals to Simar that she has done the rasam of tying the turban, and requests that she go, as everybody is looking through you. He says he will fix the pag. Simar says alright and goes. Mohit requests that he fix from back. Aarav attempts to fix it and inquires as to whether he is harmed. Mohit says no and calls him Saale, then, at that point, says Saale Saheb and says I like gathering you. He embraces him firmly and inquires as to whether he is fine.

Aarav says yes. Rana ji asks Badi Maa for what valid reason her samdhis are not here, and says we heard that your bahus are from a similar family, and they are sisters and they have a sibling as well, where right? He inquires as to whether she didn’t send the welcome to her samdhis and inquires as to why she didn’t regard them and inquires as to whether I can think about your harshness with them. Before Badi Maa could say, Simar says it isn’t care for that, there is a promising second in our sasural, and our folks don’t come, such thing is preposterous. She says they need to go to Mathura critically and send their great wishes.

She contacts Rana ji and his better half’s feet. Rana ji says your folks gave you great qualities promotion favors her. She then, at that point, contacts Gajendra’s feet. Gajendra favors her. She then, at that point, contacts Badi Maa’s feet. Badi Maa keeps hand on her shoulder and favors her. Simar gets cheerful. Sasural Simar ka plays… … Rana ji says your bahus’ sanskars are so acceptable, we are certain the house’s little girls will be something similar.

Gajendra says our bahus and beti take everybody together. Badi Maa converses with Pandit ji and inquires as to whether he has any complaint. Rana ji says no. Badi Maa discloses to Aarav that she needs commitment to happen when chosen. Gajendra requests that the visitors come and have food. Reema requests that Vivaan have food and says even you are ravenous since morning. Vivaan disregards her and goes.

Vivek calls Roma and requests that she go to his room. Roma comes inside his room. Vivek inquires as to whether this shading suits me. Roma gestures her head. She says I need to converse with you and says Lalit. Vivek says I chose sherwani for himself and inquires as to whether it is acceptable. Roma says Lalit. Vivek requests that the Servant go out and asks Roma what was the deal? Roma requests that he vow not to tell anybody and advises that Lalit ventured out from home to look through the work, says I have stowed away this for a day,

yet don’t have the foggiest idea how to conceal this any longer. He says bhaiyya thinks about my marriage, then, at that point, additionally he did this. Roma says we need to look through him. Vivek blows up on Lalit and says in the event that he don’t return till my marriage, come up with any rationalization, and says what Divya’s family will think. Roma says we need to look through him and inquires as to whether he will help her. He says he needs to help her, Lalit bhaiyya didn’t leave any choice left for me.

Aditi calls Gagan and thinks in the event that you don’t go to my call, they will get me hitched to another person. She figures I can’t wed another person. Gagan thinks stop it Aditi. Simar goes to Aditi’s room. Aditi conceals the telephone and says I would prefer not to converse with you, you requested that I see him once. She says roka occurred, and I felt something abnormal with regards to it. Simar says you didn’t converse with him,

why you felt bizarre, on the off chance that he told something. Aditi says I don’t care for anybody than Gagan. Simar says Gagan is my sibling, and requests that she love herself first for her confidence. Aditi asks how might I be so narrow minded. Simar requests that she trust Badi Maa once, whatever she does is intended for our improvement. She causes her to have soup. Reema comes there and requests that Simar come quick, as they need to make plans of mehendi. Simar requests that Aditi finish the soup quick and come for mehendi. She goes with Reema.

Rajendra discloses to Shobha that her conduct with Badi Maa wasn’t right. Shobha inquires as to whether you will say this again and says she is burnt out on offering cards to visitors. He heads inside. Shobha sits on couch and requests that Roma bring water. Roma carries water and provides for Shobha. Shobha chastens her.

Vivek comes there and asks what was the deal? Shobha says once your informed spouse comes here, I won’t converse with Roma. She reveals to Vivek that your Nani fixed Aditi’s marriage around the same time as your marriage and requested that we change the date. Vivek blows up and says what is Nani’s concern with my marriage, first Lalit Bhaiyya and presently Nani. He asks what do they need? Shobha chides Roma for not educating her with regards to Lalit and inquires as to whether she made Lalit leave. Entryway chime rings. A few young ladies come to apply mehendi. Vivek says there is no marriage occurring here and requests that they go. Shobha and Roma sob for Lalit.

Vivaan is going from the opposite side of the overhang. Reema waves her hands towards him. He overlooks her and goes. Chitra comes to Reema and says you have gone late to play bahu game and requests that she leave Vivaan. Reema takes a gander at Vivaan. Chitra says I came in your manner, need to go to Vivaan, go. Reema grabs espresso mug from her hand and tastes it,

says it is exceptionally harsh. She says you probably heard that the human needs to cry, the more he chuckles. Chitra thinks her game is destroyed because of Devesh and calls her. Devesh is as yet in the studio. His telephone rings in his pocket. Police goes to the studio and checks out the blood stains. Monitor says something has occurred here, the individual is absent. They track down a cell phone and seal the studio.

Simar prepares and says why young ladies set aside such a lot of effort to prepare. Simar says you wear in regular house garments and you will know whether you needed to wear lehenga. He says alright and takes a gander at himself in the mirror. He whistles. She inquires as to for what reason would you say you are whistling? He says he is heartfelt individual and was most occurring in school. He says why there is hotness in the room. Simar says I will turn on the AC and attempts to turn it on. Aarav grabs remote from her hand. Simar falls on him. Mahiya melody plays… .

Simar feels bashful and moves away. He says you are lauded that you oversaw everything great, and you are showing demeanor. Simar inquires as to whether I can’t show my demeanor, and says you thought me basic and guiltless. He takes a gander at the schedule and says another day have passed. Simar says the days were delightful, whatever passed. Aarav says you need to go to Aditi’s rasam. Simar says I need to go now itself. He requests that she pause and puts ear case in her ear.

He says we can remain a far distance, yet can converse with one another and can tune in. Simar says you are devious as well and says you need to listen what women talk in the capacity. Aarav says I need to hear what my woman talks or do, I don’t need to do anything with different women. He says I simply need to hear my woman. She says Aarav ji, you can’t go to the capacity. He inquires as to whether she is testing him and says he will come there, and requests that she pause. She says alright, I will sit tight for you. He says alright. She gets a call and says I need to go. Aarav says palat (turn). Simar turns and takes a gander at him. She grins. Mahiya plays…

Reema prepares for the capacity and checks out Vivaan. She requests that he help her and asks which bindi will coordinate with my outfit, red or orange. She requests that he say. He places cotton in his ears to overlook her. Reema gets dismal.

Later Reema and Simar move the fabric from the plates having mehendi leaves. Simar grinds the mehendi with her hands, while Reema blends rose water. Aarav is conversing with Simar and she is grinning. Reema asks her what was the deal? Vivaan is going from that point. Reema checks out him. Simar asks what was the deal? Reema gestures no. Mehendi hai rachne wali plays… ..Badi Maa comes there and inquires as to whether she got mehendi applied before the rasam, and says what else I could anticipate from you.

She asks her not to stow away. She checks the mehendi and says it is crushed well. She says first mehendi will be applied on lady of the hour’s hand and requests that Reema and Simar bring Aditi. She requests that Sandhya apply tea decoction. Reema and Simar carry Aditi to the mehendi work. The visitor woman requests that Badi Maa keep the beetal leaf on Aditi’s hand and do the rasam. She requests that she hold it back and apply mehendi on the lady of the hour’s hand. Simar holds the mehendi bowl. Badi Maa applies mehendi on Aditi’s hand and kisses her hand. She thinks Aditi, I am finishing this marriage to your benefit.

Precap: Mohit inquires as to whether she has felt this sort of warmth previously, as he contacts her. Sandhya blows up and slaps him hard. Badi Maa comes there and is going to slap Sandhya, however Simar holds her hand.


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