Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Simar asking Aarav to unfastened her from their relation. Aarav is taken aback and says Simar. Badi Maa says all of the 7 vows that you each have taken in the course of marriage, shall smash them these days on this mandap. Badi Maa tells that that is the cease of your feelings, and connection together along with her in order that there’s no cause to appearance back. She asks Pandit ji if Jaimala and Varmala is ready. He says yes. Roma is on foot on the street maintaining her trolley. Rajendra asks Shobha what occurred? Shobha asks them to now no longer to guard illiterate Roma, and says she is mannerless, unvoiced etc. She says dutiful bahu is Divya who delivered such a lot of presents and jewellery, and asks if every person can compete with Divya. Rajendra says I can’t accept as true with that something occurred is fact or now no longer, and says you aren’t ashamed and feeling proud. Shobha asks if Roma has carried out proper. Lalit says Roma haven’t carried out the proper component these days. Shobha says in case you need then you may visit your sasural and stay. Lalit comes out and appears for Roma, however she isn’t always there.

Indu asks Gagan if he has invited the kanyas for the kanyapujan. He says yes. Indu concerns for Avinash and says I am involved for him. He doesn’t speak to every person much, and remains lost. Gagan says I even have observed too, this has occurred because of me, I will speak to Papa. He is going and calls Avinash. Avinash receives up in shock. Gagan asks are you fine? Roma comes there and hears them. Avinash says yes, I am fine.

Gagan says I will restoration your specifications withinside the morning. He says inform me, I will write. Avinash says I will write. Gagan asks what’s he writing? Avinash says resignation. He says Dean sir referred to as me and informed that I were given a awful photo because of courtroom docket and that’s why trustees don’t need me to paintings withinside the college. They inquire from me to jot down the resignation else I can be thrown out of the college.

Gagan says I will deal with everything. Indu additionally says the identical and says I will convey ginger tea for you. Avinash says I don’t need some thing now. Roma remains status and listening to them. Indu sees her withinside the mirror, however Roma is going farfar from there. Gagan receives Reema’s name and he or she tells him that Vivaan is in sanatorium and is in crucial condition. He asks what occurred? Reema asks him to set up B poor blood and don’t inform every person. Gagan says ok. Indu comes out of the residence, seeking out Roma and thinks if I misunderstood. She is going withinside the residence again. Roma is hiding at the back of the auto and cries.

Simar and Aarav are seated for the opposite rounds. Badi Maa says the chandan woods which you purchased out of your Narayan own circle of relatives for Aditi, these days it’s miles getting used for you and says that is future. She asks Pandit ji to do the vidhi. Pandit ji attempts to mild the hearthplace to the wooden, however it doesn’t seize the hearthplace. Badi Maa is taken aback, all of us appears on. Aditi tells Badi Maa that even God don’t need this, and says it’s miles a signal of God that wooden isn’t always lighting. Badi Maa asks her to move and stand on her vicinity silently.

Simar pours ghee at the havan wooden and surprises all of us together along with her sacrificing move. She then lighting the suit stick and burns the wooden. The havan wooden catches fire. Simar says it’s miles the future of ice to soften into water, and it’s miles the future of wooden to show into ashes. Badi Maa is amazed and says now the opposite rounds will begin. She says Pandit ji will inform all of the vows one at a time and Aarav and this lady will smash it one at a time.

Aarav and Simar preserve every other’s hands. They stand up. Pandit ji says now the bride and groom shall begin the opposite rounds. Aarav and Simar begin taking the opposite rounds, whilst Pandit ji tells approximately the wedding vows. Aarav and Simar begin to interrupt the guarantees and vows one at a time, with every spherical.

Sandhya cries. Simar is set to interrupt the promise, however Aditi stops her. Simar breaks the promise. Pandit ji additionally feels awful and asks them to begin the 4th opposite spherical. Aarav and Simar smash the 4th and fifth vows with the heavy heart. Pandit ji asks them to begin the 6 rounds. Simar breaks the vows. Chitra and Giriraj smiles. Pandit ji says seventh and final spherical. They take the opposite spherical for the final time. Simar is set to faint and falls.

Aarav holds her. Badi Maa receives tensed and asks Maharaj ji to convey water. Aarav holds Simar. Maharaj brings water for him. Aarav makes her drink water. Simar breaks the final vow and cries. Aarav with a heavy heart, attempts to interrupt the final vow. He liquids water from the glass, drank via way of means of Simar. Badi Maa receives upset. He says I, Aarav Oswal breaks this vow. Sandhya and Aditi cries. Gajendra feels awful.


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