Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aditi thinking sorry bhabhi, I don’t have any way. Simar checks out the torn turban fabric. Rana ji reveals to Badi that they will accomplish the work soon. Badi Maa says it isn’t the work, however rasam, there are a few traditions and convictions which is coming since years, and we will do it according to our conviction. She says our badi bahu will bring the turban material. Simar figures she will not think who has done this, however rather think how to make it up.

Badi Maa hangs tight for Simar and says there is as yet 5 mins for mahurat. She requests that Aarav really take a look at where is that young lady? Aarav goes to the room. Simar thinks what to do? Aarav thumps on the entryway and says Simar, everybody is hanging tight for the pag rasam, where right? Chitra discloses to Giriraj that both Simar and Aarav are stuck, why she has an inclination that there is an off-base thing. Giriraj says you said right and tells that they will do dramatization. Aarav asks where is Pag? Simar reviews badi maa’s words and requests that he go, says she will come in 2 mins. He says only 2 mins and goes. Simar shuts the entryway. Aarav returns to Badi Maa and says she is coming in 2 mins.

Rana ji asks there is by all accounts some strain and inquires as to whether all is great. Badi maa says nothing out of sorts can occur in our family. Chitra murmurs to Badi Maa that she gave liability in off-base hands, and says on the off chance that she accomplished something wrong, she can’t deal with liability. Badi Maa gets up and says there is a period in mahurat, I will just return. Aarav attempts to go. Badi Maa stops him and says I will proceed to check. Simar takes the needle and starts sewing the torn turban. Badi Maa is coming there. Simar petitions Mata Rani and says assuming I don’t bring the pag down, Badi Maa’s trust from me will go perpetually, it will be extremely off-base, the family needs to bear affront infront of man of the hour’s family.

She requests that she save her family’s notoriety and show some way. The bloom from Mata Rani falls on the chunar looks like the pag material. Badi Maa comes there and searches for Simar. She then, at that point, sees Simar coming holding the pag. She says fortunately, I figured you will cut my nose. Simar says you have given me a major liability as badi bahu, and on the off chance that I was unable to do this obligation, I can’t do anything. Badi Maa requests that she come as there is mahurat time.

Indu discloses to Avinash that Roma came and said that her brother by marriage Vivek’s marriage is fixed. She says then she conversed with Simar and came to think about Aditi. She quits seeing Gagan. Avinash calls him and asks do you cherish Aditi? Gagan gets her call and rejects it. He says there is nothing similar to that, whatever I did is to render retribution from them, and afterward understood that I wasn’t right. I’m sorry to landing you in issue. Avinash says I will trust you, yet you likewise trust me and avoid that young lady, as both your sisters are there, and their lives will be affected. Gagan says I steer clear of anybody, aside from Simar and Reema.

Rana ji inquires as to whether pag rasam will happen now, it appears it won’t occur now. Badi Maa comes there with Simar and says today is the mahurat so it will happen today. She inquires as to whether they can begin the custom at this point. Simar ties the pag on Mohit’s head and ties the ornament on it. Mohit checks out her midsection. Everybody applauds as Simar ties his turban. Rana ji asks Badi maa to allow them an opportunity to make bahu theirs, by giving her shagun. Badi Maa requests that Sandhya call Aditi. Simar discloses to Sandhya that they will bring Aditi. Sandhya and Simar go to bring Aditi. Mohit views at Simar as she goes. Simar and Sandhya come to Aditi. Simar says everybody is calling you first floor. Aditi says I will reveal to them that I love another person and is getting extremely irate. Sandhya says what are you saying?

Simar says you are even presently furious, I thought you took out all the annoyance by tearing the pag. Aditi looks stunned. Simar causes her to sit and says meet that person once, might be your heart can change. Aditi says I would prefer not to do this marriage. Simar says fate didn’t stop this rasam, there isn’t anything enormous than fate, trust it once, might be something acceptable is written in the fate. She covers marriage dupatta on her head and brings her ground floor. Aditi is situated with Mohit. Rana ji says there Jodi is acceptable, we will do the roka rasam and will make your little girl as our own. He asks would we be able to begin the rasam. Badi Maa says clearly?

Mohit’s mom attempts to offer shagun to Aditi. Sandhya folds her hands. Aditi takes the shagun in her grasp. Mohit’s mom gets glad. Mohit’s Dadi comes and gives her neckband. Mohit attempts to contact Aditi as he moves close to her. Aditi is stunned. Rana ji says your little girl and her promise is our own. Badi Maa requests that Sandhya take Aditi to her room. Mohit views at Simar as she proceeds to call her Simar … then, at that point, Bhabhi. He says you made me wear this turban, so actually it is your entitlement to fix it. He asks her to tight it from here and contacts her hand. Simar looks on.

Precap: Mohit moves his hand on Aditi’s back and inquires as to whether she felt this glow by another person previously. Aditi is stunned. Simar and Sandhya are remaining close and hears him incredibly. Simar reveals to Sandhya that they need to uncover Mohit before everybody.


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