Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Simar carrying Aarav’s jacket and thinks that is my closing moments on this room. This room and Aarav ji turns into stranger to me, after which what is going to stay is his feelings, and reminiscences with me always, all my life. She is ready to maintain the jacket and unearths her dupatta and rings withinside the cupboard. She recollects lacking the rings and all her dupatta. She thinks Aarav ji had my jhumka and dupatta and smiles. Aditi comes there luckily and asks her to look. Simar asks what’s it? Aditi says it’s miles despatched with the aid of using Badi Maa for you. Simar asks what’s it? Aditi asks her to look herself and says even you’ll now no longer believe. Simar movements the fabric and appears on the bridal outfit. Badi Maa asks Aarav to boost the fabric. He sees his marriage Sherwani. Simar additionally sees her bridal lehenga. Aarav asks that is worn for marriage. Badi Maa asks him to put on it and are available right all the way down to hall. Simar asks what does this mean? Aditi says this bridal jewelry and get dressed, method. Aarav asks her to inform. Badi Maa asks him to get geared up and are available, and says agree with me. Simar is confused. Aditi says Badi Maa has despatched all this here, and it method she desires your grah pravesh because the bride, and says it’s miles glad instances again. She says you’ll live here. She calls Aarav and asks what did Badi Maa inform you. He says she requested me to get geared up and are available down. Aditi tells him that Badi Maa despatched bridal lehenga for Simar and requested her to get geared up. He asks actually and says he desires to see her, asks if she is glad. Aditi says you’ll now no longer get to speak to her now. Aarav says I need to invite her, if she is prepared to put on bridal get dressed. Aditi says adequate and is going. Aarav asks if Badi Maa gave you bridal get dressed and asks if she is prepared to put on it. Simar says I need to get geared up and cross down, and asks him now no longer to waste her time. Aarav says need to go together with your groom, and asks if she can be able to await him. Aditi comes returned and asks him to get geared up earlier than Badi Maa modifications her mind. Aarav and Simar smiles.

Roma tells Shobha that she could be very anxious mom in regulation and factors out flaws in her paintings. She says you don’t even go away my mayka, don’t like me to drink water with the aid of using my hand or consume food, however you’re making me do all of the paintings. Shobha says Roma….Roma asks her to be quiet and says if a few different bahu turned into on my location, then might have poisoned you with the aid of using now. She says you will be made to sleep at the mattress of bedbugs and tells that such saas will be prisoned wherein bahus tortures them. She says I will clean all of the calculations. Lalit asks Roma to include him, and says he desires to speak to her. Roma tells Shobha that she is leaving the house, and could by no means come returned. Divya asks wherein? Are you moving at the road. Roma says we are able to be moving to Mathura, and Lalit were given activity there. Lalit receives tensed. Roma says Lalit may have massive house, Servants, and motors too. She tells Shobha that now she shall get her paintings completed with the aid of using Divya. She asks Divya now no longer to return back to her, and says she has no location for them in her new house. Lalit asks Roma to be quiet, and says you’re announcing something. He says I didn’t get the activity. Roma receives sad. Shobha seems at Roma.

Aditi tells Sandhya approximately Badi Maa asking Aarav and Simar to get geared up in bridal garments and are available down. Chitra asks why? Aditi says she ought to be getting their remarriage. Giriraj says some thing is wrong. Gajendra says Maa by no means does something wrong, and anything she does is straightly. Maharaj comes there with the mandap stuff and a few men. Gajendra asks him. Badi Maa says mandap can be installation here. She asks them to set the mandap fast, and tells Gajendra that the ornament will be good. She asks Aditi and Sandhya to make certain that that they get geared up for the vidhi. Aditi thank you her and hugs her. Badi Maa asks her to do the arrangements. Chitra tells Giriraj that Badi Maa has forgiven Aarav. Chitra calls Reema and asks him wherein is Vivaan? Reema says he’s my husband and I recognize my duty in the direction of him. Doctor comes out of OT. Reema asks approximately Vivaan, and sees ward boys taking him on stretcher. Doctor says his situation is vulnerable and he will be below commentary for twenty-four hours. Reema asks can I meet him? Doctor says yes, however don’t make any noise. She asks Doctor while he’ll benefit attention. Doctor says he desires blood and asks her to name his own circle of relatives. Reema says I even have known as them and they’re at the way. She asks him to take her blood. Doctor says we can’t take chance. Reema says I am his own circle of relatives, Mrs. Reema Vivaan Oswal and asks him to test her blood group.

Sandhya receives glad seeing Simar geared up withinside the bridal get dressed, and says nowadays I am very glad, and can’t say how a good deal I am glad. Aditi says all of us are glad nowadays. Aditi does her make up and applies lipstick. Sasural Simar ka plays….Aditi makes Simar put on jewelry. Sandhya and Aditi examine her smilingly. Sandhya says bride is prepared, now I will cross and spot the groom. Aarav receives geared up in Sherwani and turban. Gajendra comes there and makes him put on the pearls necklace. He compliments him and asks if he’s glad. Aarav smiles. Sandhya comes there and asks if some thing is left for Maa too. She asks him to take a seat down and ties brooch to his turban. She then does his tilak and aarti. He says Maa and touches her feet. Sandhya blesses him and asks him to return back down. Aditi makes Simar put on the dupatta and says maximum stunning bride ever. She is ready to use black tika to her. Gajendra comes there and says I will practice black tika to her, and says my daughter shall now no longer get any awful sight. Simar says my Papa has implemented black tika on me, tells that she could be very glad.

Mohit’s goons ask if he’s fine. Mohit asks what did you do with Vivaan? Goon says we had thrown him on remoted road. Mohit says he is probably useless with the aid of using now. Reema thinks if I shall inform all and sundry at domestic or now no longer, and thinks Chitra gets her divorced if she sees his situation. She says I am your own circle of relatives now and could now no longer allow something show up to him. Nurse is going out from the ward. Mohit sees Vivaan withinside the ward and says how did he get saved? He asks the goons and scolds them. He asks them to move farfar from here. He thinks to kill him earlier than he profits attention and he tells approximately him to Police. He thinks he can’t go away any proofs. Simar and Aarav are coming downstairs and appears at every different. Mahiya music plays…

Precap: Badi Maa tells Aarav that he’ll need to opposite all of the vows that he made for the duration of his marriage with Simar. Pandit will recite all of the vows one at a time and Aarav and Simar will damage the ones vows.


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