Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Samar telling Simar that his love Nisha isn’t anyt any more. Simar receives teary eyes. He says she turned into using so speedy that she met with an coincidence and now I am on my own for lifetime. He says this isn’t always honest and says my lifestyles is ruined to cover this sour truth.

He says he lies that he don’t trust in love, as he don’t need to don’t forget Nisha. He says he’s nonetheless status on the identical area, in which she left him. She says I actually have completed her closing rites with those hands, with which I turned into approximately to fill her maang. He says you’ve got got Aarav with you, you could see him, pay attention him and contact him, however I can’t. He says once in a while I sense suicidal, however don’t need to disappointed Nisha. He says even nowadays, I can’t visit the area in which we used to roam.

He says I need to do that to overlook my past. Simar says I am sorry Samar. Samar says I don’t need to offer sympathy and don’t need to take it. He advices her to stay for Avinash and Indu and asks her to sense what they may assume if they arrive to realize. He makes her take a seat down at the bench and ties handkerchief on her injured foot. Simar cries. Samar says the relation that’s hidden are having flaw. He asks her to name him and inform him that she don’t need to satisfy him.

Badi Maa watches the video. Reema maintains her hand on her cheek and says I will respond with the large dhamaka for you small slap. Aarav comes home. Badi Maa hears the automobile sound and is derived out. Aarav receives down the automobile and falls down. Badi Maa shouts Aarav and calls Vivaan and Sandhya to pop out speedy.

Reema comes out. Sandhya and Vivaan get involved seeing him injured. Reema says why Badi Maa isn’t always scolding him and asks while she can be able to begin her motion packed film. Badi Maa asks Vivaan to name medical doctor and take him inside. She is shattered and bowled over. Reema is bowled over seeing her conduct and is going at the back of her, says why didn’t you scold Aarav? She says you’ve got got visible him breaking speedy for Simar, on my Mayka’s terrace and spend time with her. She says now he’s performing and you’ve melted. She asks in which is your anger and fire? Badi Maa asks her to forestall it,

else she can be able to now no longer take time to take out her tongue. She says I can experience your jealousy, and may see which you are craving to get peace to your burning coronary heart. Reema says I usually noticed you taking stand for proper. Badi Maa says I realize which you doesn’t care if I aid proper or now no longer. She says you’re irritated as Badi Maa and Aarav’s relation isn’t always damaged nowadays, and asks why my motherly love for him overpowered the entirety nowadays. Reema says no. Badi maa says you’re grasping approximately those keys.

She throws it at the ground and asks her to take it, and says take it, however the energy isn’t always approximately getting the keys. She says in case you assume that you could come to be the top with the aid of using breaking Oswal own circle of relatives, then you could’t do that even for 7 births. She asks her to simply accept the own circle of relatives with coronary heart first and asks her to depart her doings, else she can be able to now no longer take time to maintain her down. She says I don’t need any recommendation from anyone, while to scold my kids. She says in case you need to do some thing for us, then recognition for your more youthful sister’s marriage.

She says Saam, daam, dand, some thing you need, get her married quickly after which I will deliver keys to you with the aid of using myself. She says your recognition will be Simar and now no longer Aarav. She says for now, maintain those keys in my room for now. Reema alternatives the keys.

Aarav tells Vivaan that he don’t want any medical doctor and asks him to move. He says I need to mention sorry to Simar, she didn’t appearance again at me, I harm her very a whole lot. Doctor asks for the reason that what number of days, he didn’t sleep? Aarav asks Vivaan to name her from his telecellsmartphone and says I can’t see her harm. Sandhya asks Aarav to offer him injection. Doctor offers injection to Aarav.

Aarav asks what did you do and seize Doctor’s apron, and says how dare you? Sandhya says he isn’t always in his senses, and apologizes. Badi Maa comes there. Aarav says I am absolutely a awful man or woman, and harm everyone. He says I am sorry Badi Maa, I didn’t need to harm anyone. He falls at the mattress because of injection impact and says I don’t need to harm Badi Maa, and asks if she is irritated?

Badi Maa says no, my Aarav isn’t always selfish. I am now no longer irritated with you. She says I am certain that you may now no longer do some thing incorrect a good way to carry disrespect to the own circle of relatives. She says I actually have a whole lot hopes from you, you’re Oswal own circle of relatives’s heir. Sandhya says are we able to allow him be Aarav only for once, and asks if he can put off Oswal surname for once. She says my son is damaged, deliver him a threat to deal with himself. She says deliver him a while and space. Badi Maa says did you notice what happened. She says while we’re round him, he’ll cope with himself. She says I need to keep him from this madness.

Sandhya says my son is loss of life each moment, and asks why you could’t assume like a mom. Badi Maa says I am questioning like Badi Maa and knowledge the entirety. She says once I instructed Aarav to name me Badi Maa and now no longer Dadi, why? She says a mom can see her son’s ache and Badi Maa involves realize the cause for his ache. She says she desires to maintain him farfar from that woman and says he’s bearing all this because of that Simar. She says you’ve got got stored him for nine months, however I stored him on my eyelashes.

She says I can’t see him damaged, shattered and ruined like this. She says I can visit any duration to keep him. Sandhya says Aarav shall now no longer be pressured to do some thing at this time. Badi Maa asks what I am forcing on him? Vivaan asks them to relax and says you each are involved for him. He says he absolutely desires to sleep. Badi Maa asks Vivaan to be with him. Vivaan says yes. Badi Maa is going from there. Sandhya cries sitting with Aarav. Aarav takes Simar’s call in subconscious state. Simar receives teary eyes and says Aarav ji.

In the morning, Samar wakes up Simar the usage of the flower. Simar wakes up and shouts. Samar offers her breakfast and says nowadays morning might be stunning for me, and that’s why I made breakfast for you also. Simar says you must have made for all, and says it turned into candy gesture, however I could have meals after making meals for everyone. Samar suggests her that everybody is having meals. He says I consider the other man or woman earlier than me. Simar corrects him, laughs and cries. Samar asks till while you may cry and asks her to be practical. Simar says I am considering Aarav ji and says he’s harm and injured. Samar says he’s together along with his own circle of relatives and have to be fine. He asks her to consider her own circle of relatives, who thinks that their daughter is glad and moved on. He asks her to consider it.

Sandhya involves Aarav and asks how is he? Aarav says I am fine. Sandhya says Aarav please, now you may now no longer do all this and could now no longer meet Simar. Aarav appears on.

Precap might be brought later.


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